Wednesday, June 20, 2012 happens

I fully intended to take a picture of myself.  And I have, taken many in the past couple of days, from unflattering angles and of some of my least pretty body areas.  But not because of the book or the challenge.  Because of this:

Life happens.  We are all OK, thank goodness!  See that rear door, how it seems to be the only part that isn't touched?  Yeah--that's where Abby's seat is.  I'm convinced her sunshine-like personality beams protected her.  Jenny B and I in the front seat, Jason and Abby in the back, were t-boned in Natomas Saturday night.  While not a fault, it's still huge, with lots of good vibes shooting over to Jen while she recuperates from taking the brunt of the accident.

So, the book is on hold.  So much is going on with dealing with everything and I'm exhausted when I finally lay down at night.  And still sore and bruised.  I will say this: I can go the rest of my life without doing that again.

We're all OK--thanks goodness!
Cheers, Katie :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Op--not excited

Today's challenge is to ACTUALLY take a "before" picture and measurements, including weight.  They had talked about it earlier in the book, about having a starting point.  A photo that shows you were you are and later, where you were.  I can honestly say that when they talked about it, I blew it off.  I know I'm heavy.  I know that I have a roll or two.  And I really don't think I need any photographic evidence.  I have enough with clothes on to clover it up.  And I weigh weekly so I know where I am there.

But I'm doing this.  I have been for more than a week and for me, that's a good start.  So tonight, after an already planned tri-tip dinner with friends, I will go home, strip down to panties and bra, and take a picture that I hope no one ever sees.  I will not be posting it here.  I'll also take the measurements they recommend in the book.

Because I'm a player.  I'm a rule-follower.  Mostly because I appreciate the path being already laid.  I appreciate the direction and advice.  Maybe that's why I don't have any dreams...?  I'm OK with other peoples...?

Speaking of, last night I told my mom about my lack-of-dreams issue and she had some suggestions.  I need to have that conversation again with her because the music was loud and the kids were ALL OVER THE PLACE (didn't know throwing bark up in the air was so fun) but I'm looking forward to discovering my new dreams.  One thing I did catch that I thought was interesting: totally right off the cuff, she says "well, you should reevaluate and recreate your dreams at least every ten years."  What?!  Maybe that's why I don't have any now.  I've been coasting for two-plus cycles as it is! :)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Run Abby, Run!

Today's goal: play with a kid/pet/etc for 30 minutes. Like fun exercise. OK. Shouldn't be too hard was my thought last night when I read the challenge. I'm the parent to an active toddler. I can do this. And it would be a "Mom and Abby" day, so even easier. And I closed my big browns for some sweet sleep. 1145pm our little ray of freakin' sunshine awoke crying and continued to fuss, whine, complain and basically be miserable for the next four hours (good news is that she woke up like nothing was weird, took a long nap, and has generally been herself all day). can imagine my thoughts on chasing her around for 30 minutes were...well...not happy ones. But it was also Twilight Thursday at the zoo and we had plans to go with Mom, Tammy and Alexa. And Abby must read this blog...or what's on my kindle...or MY MIND...because she proceeded to stay amazingly, almost annoyingly, close all evening until it was time for a quick run through our favorite animals before going home. This is when she decided to RUN AROUND THE ZOO LIKE A WILD ANIMAL WHO HAD ESCAPED! So...I was able to accomplish my challenge of the day. Ummm, thank you Abby...? Now I'm off to finish off my mini goals (water done, breakfast success earlier and unintentional exercise down, 25's and stretching left) and I'm off to bed. Wish me luck that the whole house gets a good nights' rest. Sweet dreams all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I figured out who/what my grudge was to let go and practiced last night.  It's weird--she has no idea I have this weird feeling about her.  And it's not because of something she did, really.  I just get this weird competitive vibe.  And that's totally not me.  I don't even like to keep score when I play games (which drives my mom CRAZY).  So I let it go.  And I even go to practice letting it go last night.  All went well.  As it should.  I'm the one with the problem, not her. :)

Today I am supposed to think about something I can't/haven't/won't do because of my weight and write about it.  Write about how it will feel to do it once I loose weight.  I'm thinking on this...I can't think of anything that I haven't done because of my weight.  Some things may be easier at a lighter weight but it hasn't stopped me from doing them.

I'm leaning towards the idea/thought that my knees will feel so much better when I have less weight on them.  Not really a thing/event/activity but it is one of the major things that I am mad about in terms of my weight.  Having bad knees and extra weight makes for a wicked combo.

Happy Wednesday!
Cheers, Katie :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let it go!

Progress report--yesterday I successfully completed all five of my mini goals.  Oh...I also made like 50 copies and taped them all over my house, work and car. :)

Today's goal is to let go it.  You know, those grudges you hold over people--and in my case, they usually don't even know it--that take up time and stress in your heart and mind.  Pick one and LET IT GO.  Forgive and move on.

I have the wonderful skill of being so forgetful that I forget to hold grudges.  OK, not such a bad thing.  Maybe I'm highly evolved but most likely, I just have too much else to think about.  And most of it is GREAT so why waste time of the yuck.

I'm going to think today about who/what I'm holding secret grudges towards/about and make a resolution to LET IT GO.  We'll see what I come up with...since I read the challenge last night, I still haven't thought of anything more than the kid who bullied me in the fifth grade, who I haven't seen or even heard about in DECADES.

Come on Katie...let it go! :)
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Five Mini-Goals

  1. Drink at least 50 ounces of water
  2. 25 each: push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks
  3. Stretch routine
  4. Plan AND eat a breakfast with protien
  5. Unintentional activity: use upstairs bathroom, park far away, take the long way.

Weekends are my Weakness...and I love it!

So apparently, weekends are my weakness.  I gave no thought to reading the next goal Friday night (actually, even fell asleep with Abby for a while).  Neither did I even think about it Saturday night.  So I'm thinking that weekends are off.  And if there was ever a weekend to not hold myself accountable, it was this weekend.  Oh goodness!  Between my 14-year anniversary at LPL Friday, a graduation bash Saturday and BBQ with all of Abby's grandparents last night, I don't think I ever felt anything but FULL.  I miss the feeling of hunger.  I think some clean eating is in store for me this week...clean the system out, if you know what I mean! :)

So...Friday's goal was to schedule my fitness.  I'm going to publish it here.  Tuesday night Kim, Carrie and I (and whoever else wants to--come play!) are trying out the Y's yoga class.  And then, even though it kind of feels like cheating, I am going to work out both Saturday and Sunday.  I've decided to invest in a punch card for a couple gyms here in town, so I can use them when I want to instead of paying a monthly fee.  I'm just not sure I'd get my money worth right now.  Strike that--I know I wouldn't.  So for $5 I can go to the gym at the Y and then Sunday I'll try one of the other gyms in town and start a punch card.  That's my plan for the week.

Today's goal is to write out five mini-goals.  They make the correct assumption that if you're reading the book, one of your dreams is to be fitter and healthier (in 90 days).  So today I should make five mini goals of how to get there.  I'm going to focus on goals small enough that I can check off daily that they are done.  I'll be back by the end of the day with what those are...

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

"In the Moment" and scheduling

Yesterday was day two and the mini challenge was to live in the moment.  You can't change what's already been done and really, there's only so much control over what's ahead of you.  So live in the moment, try to make good decisions along the way (eating and otherwise), and trek on.

Yesterday was my Abby day.  I cherish these days...and they exhaust me.  Every Thursday I become more and more in awe of SAHM's.  I mean, you guys do this every day, not just Thursdays and weekends with your hubby's to help.  We usually have plans with other moms and their littles and yesterday was no different.  We met up at Rainbow Park for a little play time/picnic.  Abby has this wonderful skill--apparently it's important to her to taste-test everyones food, to make sure it isn't poisonous, I'm sure.  And even when I've packed her favorite foods, it's still much more exciting to see what everyone else has.  It's annoying--my daughter is a mooch!  Everyone says they don't care...they lie but they're nice so they keep me/us around. :)

So Abby and I left the house a little early yesterday and hit Trader Joe's and got all of the group favorites: blueberries, edamane, cheese rounds, sliced apples and cheese puffs.  Pay it forward--or in this case, try to pay it back for all the past moochi-ness.  The kids and moms ate, we laughed and watched our kids get corralled by first graders, and I sat back and realized that I was FULL.  On fruit and edamane.  Not on cheese puffs.  Go Katie!  In the moment baby! :)

Disclaimer: I was that full where you don't even want to drink water but by dinner, it was necessary to eat some protein.  Panera is helpful like that.  So is a book club meeting with my lovely ladies, where the only discussion of the book was about how we weren't going to read it.  Ha!  I guess that's how we roll.

Today's challenge is schedule three or four hour-long sessions to work out next week.  To actually put them on the calendar, get the gang on board, and do them.  They always say to do this...I'll try it.  I will say this--the authors have kids but they are old enough to be left alone for an hour at this time of their life.  And the "solutions" they suggested to make the hour happen in terms of your kids was inadequate and really, just laughable.  But whatever.  Neither here nor there.

I should mention that besides these mini challenges, which I seem to be concentrating on, there are other things to do.  I seem to be effectively ignoring them.  I haven't journaled any food I've eaten.  I haven't done any of the exercises they have so nicely listed out for me.  I've only taken the mini challenges and blogged about them here.  Cheating...I'm not saying.  We'll see.  It's had me blogging more consistently (I've even thought about doing it when I'm falling asleep).  Can blogging count towards calorie burn? :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maui 2012

I need to post this post!
Really...Maui seems like so far ago but it wasn't, and we had a GREAT time.
As these pictures show:
Mom, Abby and I

Mom and Abby figuring out the snorkel gear.  This was so fun to watch.  This was literally 30 minutes of watching the two of them crack each other up.  Their bond is too much!
Aaron and I snuck away for some sister drinking bonding while there.  It was much deserved and needed...oh, and it was happy hour so it was cheaper too! :)
Doesn't that smile just make you smile?!  Or is that just me?! :)

Werid...and possible spin for a while

The weird part is coming...

I've joined up with this facebook challenge of a Biggest Loser theme.  It's fun.  I've never watched the show and haven't really "meant to" but when an "old" friend (meaning I'm old and she was in 4H way after me but remembers me--UGG, those kill you, right?! in a good way) invited me to the challenge, I said OK.  $20 for the chance to win $500?  And all in the name of losing weight healthfully.  OK, sign me up, here's my cash.

Last week I was 15 out of 60 some-odd people but I'm still not in the top 15 for the challenge.  Still, it's been fun and has kept me on track on more than one occasion.  So, some part of it is working.

Within the group, they started a book club of sorts, to read "together" a book called "The 90-Day Fitness Challenge" by Phil and Amy Pargman.  They are a couple who were on the show and lost a bunch of weight and have since started a business of going around and teaching other people what they learned from being on the show.  It's an easy read.  I can't say I'm not enjoying it but it's also a lot of what I've read before.  They live by their "DREAM" Principle:
  • Dream about what you want your life to be
  • Recognize where you are today
  • Eat to live
  • Activate your body
  • Make a difference in the lives of others
Anyway, I won't go into it more now but if lots of bible quotes, cheerleader chat and great before/after photos are your thing, you'll be in heaven.  It's fine for I said, it's an easy read and I'm game.

They recommend you use a journal to record your daily stuff, so the "possible spin for a while" is that I might use this for that place to chat with myself (and you) with what I'm thinking, realizing, etc.  And please feel free to comment.  I'm a pretty open book, and especially to the (very) few of you who read my blog.

So the "weird" part, which is why you kept reading, isn't it?! :)  The first principal is to dream.  They say that what they found with themselves is that as they got older, more responsibilities in the way of kids, home, life, got heavier in weight and further in debt, they found that they lost sight of their dreams.  And then forgot how to dream.

So that's one of their big things, in fact the first they want you to work on, is to remember how to and start dreaming again.  Basically, as I read it, create your goals based on your dreams rather then numbers or pants sizes.  And the challenge for today is to acknowledge/write down/remember those dreams that you had earlier in life.

Weird part: I can't think of any dream I had that I haven't already accomplished.  I always wanted to be a mom (Abby), be married (Jason), have a home I loved (check), be a secretary (a little more than that but...), live on a street with lights (and a sidewalk!).  I have family near and far, all of who I get to see often.  I have friends whom I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So where does that leave me?  Do I need new dreams?  Is wanting to figure out how to BBQ really a dream?  Or an organized house--is that a dream?  This seems to be a weird place to be.  No dreams here.  But not because I forgot how...because I'm just that lucky.  Oh goodness.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

25th Anniversary/Retirement Pictures

As promised, here are pictures from Mom's retirement/RISE 25th anniversary party.

I'm trying to figure out how to include pictures on my blog but it doesn't seem possible when I compose from my iPad. This attempt was to create posts, add the pictures and save so I can the text the pictures aren't showing up so I need to label the pictures...lesson learned.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I will get back with some pictures

Well…what a weekend!  Since I last checked in, my sweet sister flew in to surprise my mom for her retirement party, which was also a huge success (thanks RISE team) and such a touching tribute to the hard work Mom and Tammy have put in to the community.  We had lunch with my Gma’s friends, a big taco family dinner and a game of Mexican train that I won.  I walked a 5K with Carrie, took a much-needed nap with Abby and spent a nice afternoon playing with Abby and dinner with Mom and Gma.  Wow—what a time!  And so much fun.  I’m sure I’ll expand later…wouldn’t pictures help? J

My eating-out goal is going OK.  At this point in the month, um…a whole five days into it…I’d give myself a C.  Not an F because of all of the eating out because the only one I paid for was scheduled but not an A because, well, I ate out a lot.

We ended up eating dinner out Thursday night with Gma and Mom before picking Aaron up.  Thai so the healthy choices were there and I’d say I did pretty good at picking something healthy and tasty.  Water and none of the appetizers but I ate the whole thing…because it was so GOOD! J  We had lunch at Scott’s Seafood with Gma and her friends—I had the fish and chips (I usually do if it’s on the menu and somewhere where is should be good because I love fish and chips but WILL NOT make it) but I stuck with water to drink and only had one piece of the insanely-good French bread.  And then there was the scheduled meal out—coffee before/breakfast after the 5K with Carrie.  So good.  So good.  I love CafĂ© Italia.  Of course I had the French toast with eggs.  And it was good.  And I had coffee.  And we had what we like to call “breakfast appetizers”—these little donut sticks that they bring with chocolate and raspberry syrup dipping sauces.  OMG.  So…see what I mean…a C.  Right in the middle. J

To get back on track though, I have my lunch made for the week and have dinner out with friends planned for Friday night so I have that to look forward to, food-wise.  Friend-wise too.  Not to self: need to find a babysitter asap.

And the weather looks like it’s going to be beautiful so it’s back to evening walks for the Wilmots, which is great because we all love it.  We all feel so good after going, Abby sleeps so much better, Jason and I catch up on the day, the week, life, and the fresh air is just nice to breathe in. J  If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of the family walks. J

I will get back with some pictures.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Project

Why is it that I feel like I must always have a “project” going?  And why is that “project” never to have clean floors or the laundry done?  J

I’ve been eating out more than usual.  It’s a bad habit.  It’s not good for me, it’s full of junk and calories and fat, and it EXPENSIVE.  For all these reasons, and more that I’m not thinking of right now, I’m taking a month-long break from eating out.

April 11th to May 11th

It’s going to be perfect timing because we leave for Hawaii the 12th and being on vacation does through a bit of a hitch in even the best-laid plans.

The only exception I can see will be already-planned (I can see two on the calendar) meals out and my goal for those times will be to choose healthy options and not blow the budget on extras like sodas and desserts.  I don’t need them, they are always super pricey for what you get, and they don’t contribute to the goal of being a healthy me.

Thoughts?  Advice?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter is upon us

I love this time of year.  I love the beautiful weather, the flowers in bloom, Spring Break (oh how I miss those), and little girls in dresses and sparkly shoes:

I'm thankful for things more this time of year too.  Family, friends, health, basic luck in being born an American (really, I take this for granted a lot).

Today makes the anniversary of my best friend's death when I was in seventh grade.  I don't even want to count how many years that was...ok...I was nine in ten in fifth, eleven in sixth, twelve in seventh grade.  I'm 35 so Sean, dear Sean, died 23 years ago.  OMG.  I'm thankful for his life, as short as it was, and the impact he's had on me and my life since.  Sometimes I live carefully because I am "living" for Sean too, living the life he didn't get to.  And sometimes I live life crazily because...well, I'm "living" for Sean too, and he was a fun-loving person and would rock the house.  So today, tonight, I will hug my baby a little tighter, tell her about my dear friend Sean, and we'll say a little hello to him.  I'm sure he's looking down at her an smiling, just like I do.

Friday makes my dad's death anniversary...that'll be 13 years.  (And this is the first time I've noticed that those dates are 20 years apart...).  Another amazing man in my life, another incredible loss of a friend, dad, loved one.  He too, I'm sure, is looking down in wonderment at his little granddaughter.  Friday we'll talk about him...probably cry a little too...and say a little hello.

I'm not sad...I'm so so so glad that both of these men were in my life.  Thankful.  So very thankful.  See...Easter is upon us! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello Again!

I realized yesterday, when I was waking up slowly from the perfect nap, that I am feeling better!  I think I've been so concerned about getting caught up on everything I just dropped the past couple of weeks when I wasn't feeling well that I haven't slowed down long enough to realize I was feeling back to my self.  And I noticed this morning that, for the first time in I don't know how long--most possibly since Abby started school (Feb 6th!)--that her nose isn't running! :)

Just wanted to share this good stuff.  I also weighed in today--down 1.6 pounds--so that's cool too.  I have a big weekend coming up and am purchasing the camera attachment for my ipad this weekend so beware...I may just figure out how to add pictures.  Wait--that means I have to take them! :)

Till then...cheers!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Bad...and the Good!

I went to the doctor this morning.  All weekend I've felt like I was working on an ear infection but tried to convince myself that my body was working so hard to keep it from happening, to get healthy.  The battle was lost last night and I spent the dark hours trying to rest as much as I could until it was time to get up.

The bad: diagnosis is ear infections in both ears and a sinus infection.  Antibiotics and nose spray have already been started.  Hopefully relief will come soon but I know it generally takes 24 hours for this stuff to start doing it's thing.  Good part is that the antibiotics will kill the ear AND sinus infections so there's that. :)

The good: when I weighed in, I am still showing losses.  If I remember right, I was ten pounds down from the last time I weighed in at the doctors, back in January.  And I don't know about you, but I have this issue: I use my scale at home 99% of the time.  The other 1% is when I'm at the doctor for something.  And I can't help but believe that they don't read the same.  I always feel like the doctor's is higher than mine at home.  So the fact that it registered the same as home--woo hoo! :)

OK...back to work.  I'm feeling very good right now because I've just cleared up three cost basis issues/research projects, one of which I had to go out to storage for.  Yah for me and the feeling of success when these things fall into place.  I can't believe that at one time I chose my major based on which had the least amount of math and science and now I'm celebrating a math-related success.  Ugg how life throws us curveballs, right?! :)

Happy Monday!

This's making me hate Abby's school! :)

Just kidding--I LOVE LOVE LOVE Abby's school and she loves going.  But I cant help but realize that if she hadn't brought it home, I wouldn't have it now.  And it's a bugger!  And making me slightly crazy.  Ugg!

On a much nicer, lighter note, we took a beautiful, fun, energizing walk yesterday and decided it needs to become a regular thing.  We'll try our schedule tonight and see if it works.  I'll pick Abby up at school, go home and put food in her face.  Jason should get home about the time we're done and he and I will change out of our work clothes and stick Ms Abby in the stroller and take off.  This schedule should give us a two-mile-plus walk and get us back home by 7pm.  Then Abby can get in the bath, play a little, we'll read and she'll go off to bed.  I'm hoping it works out because it was so nice yesterday to talk with Jason, enjoy the outdoors and play at the parks with Abby.

On the no-dessert-for-Lent quest, consider it banished!  But it has gotten me thinking about what dessert really adds to my life and when I really need some chocolate and when a piece of fruit (or date!) would do just the same without all the sugar and fat.  So...that's where we are on that.

Abby has been sleeping in her pack-n-play since the beginning of the year.  We borrowed her crib from friends and they are having a baby in about a month so in order to give them ample time to prepare, and to give Abby a chance to get used to pack-n-play sleeping for our trip to IA, we decided to go ahead and switch her a little early.  It's worked out fine.  A couple of times in the last month or so I've thought "wow, she's so big and this bed...isn't."  And the last couple of nights she's been waking up throughout the night, which hasn't been good for me needing some sleep to KICK THIS COLD'S ASS, so last night I decided to try something new and put her back down (after she woke up way early, like 930pm) on her big girl bed.  Seems like it worked out.  Since I was pretty much awake with an ear ache all night, the couple times she woke up, I was awake and went in and laid next to her and she calmed right down.  It may be time to spread her wings.  Wouldn't it be awesome if that is what's happening?!  Wish us luck. :)

Hope life is grand!
Cheers, Katie :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not gone...just busy!

Enter an ear infection, a couple days home to deal with a sick kiddo, a hubby who picked up something, and now feeling the same crap-ola coming on, I've been slacking on blogging, eating right and tracking my WW-ness.  So...I'll be in touch. :)  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

So...I need to write about falling off the Lent wagon this weekend but I'm still thinking about the whole thing.  Once it's settled in my brain, I'll share here.

Other than that, though, the weekend was great!  Catch up/chat/girl time Friday night, helped a friend with brainstorms for a new business Saturday morning and then off to Funderland for Mia's birthday party, which was really fun.  Sunday was off to Vacaville with CT for a little retail therapy.  Yes, I could have hit Target in Woodland but then I would have missed out on all that trapped chat time! :)

Abby's cough is starting to annoy I can't imagine what's it's doing to her.  Maybe that's why she BIT a friend at school yesterday!  Yep, you heard me right.  I guess it was the perfect storm and they didn't seem too upset about it but what?!?!  Great...add Mom of Biter to my resume! :)

And Abby's all about waking up in the middle of the night and demanding her ABC movie.  OK kid.  Glad you like the ABC's...that's going to do you well in the future.  Waking your parents up because you're so excited about the alphabet isn't.  Love you.  Go back to sleep!

I know...elephant in the room.  I need to start tracking, back to dessert free today, and still haven't figured out how to get a workout in to save my life.  Maybe when I'm sitting on the couch reading the new Mindy Kaling book.  Oh good.  If you smile or laugh out loud while reading, I consider that time well spent.  And isn't there something to laughing, etc like a workout...?

OK...I'm starting to loose it.  Laughing equals workout.  I think I'll take this brain power and put it to work.  Cheers, Katie :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Life Is Good!

Have I mentioned how lucky I feel?  I have a great life.

Last night I got to go to book club sans kiddo and talk with adults and eat with both hands and laugh and listen and didn't have to chase anyone of short stature around...oh, it was good night.  And it followed a good day of playing with Abby and her friends (and their moms...yah) and a kick ass nap that I joined in on too and a very successful (=quick, everything was there, final total didn't make my eyes hurt) trip to Costco.  See, lucky. :)

We just finished The Poisonwood Bible for book club and it was good...but then, I do have the rep of liking every book we read so take my recommendation as you'd like.  I love book club because I have been reading things that I probably wouldn't have picked up otherwise and I love the variety.  And, as sweet Ginger says, this book club is like a support group.  We all have different life situations but have had no trouble finding the common ground you want in a group of friends.

I'm a lucky girl.  And I love my family and my friends.  Yah!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Thoughts...

On the good side, still dessert free since Friday night.  I really am not even craving it.  Last night it sounded good--even though I was physically full--so I went and brushed my teeth.

On the bad side, my little one is waking up at night again.  UGGG!

On the good side, girls night tonight with Mom and Abby while Jason is hanging out with his dad.

One the bad side...umm...I've got nothing!

Cheers, Katie :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend in Review

It's been a good one, I'll say that. :)

Date night Friday was fun. We had a great time, lots of stories you only get to tell once so it's always fun to get to tell them again (how'd you meet/fall in love/propose, who/where are your family, etc), and great food. And of course, Abby did great. Friday night rocked.

Saturday Abby and I went down to Greenbrae to visit Jenny B. SO MUCH FUN! And so great to see her and catch up. Jenny and I took Abby to the Discovery Museaum and that was so fun. Abby had a great time and she's very entertaining. It was nice to see Jenny's mom too. Abby adores Jenny already...Linda was a close second that day.

And's been a good one too. Hung out with Jason and Abby, watched "I don't know she does it" with SJP and loved it, and had Guad for dinner with my favorite people. Not too shabby.

I do need to report that I had cheesecake for dessert Friday night, going against my "no desserts for forty days" thing. But it didn't taste as good as it should have. Maybe because I knew I'd tried to make this goal...? Maybe because it just wasn't that good. Whatever the reason, I won't say that I was pressured into it. I just didn't say "no thanks." My bad. But here's what I am going to do: I am going to move on, not drop the plan just because of one mess up and not be all type-A about it. Perfection is not the goal. And ladies...that, for me, to not just scrap the whole idea because of one mess up, is huge for me. So...that piece of cheesecake is going to represent success for me, not failure. I haven't had dessert since and am sticking to the plan.

Cheers, Katie

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Five

Five things I'm looking forward to/excited about:
  1. Date night with Jason and new friends tonight.  And Abby trying out a new babysitter...I wish HER luck...Abby will be fine!
  2. Visit with my dear friend Jenny tomorrow.  Abby and I are going on a little road trip to visit for the day and I can't wait to hug that girl!  And introduce Abby to her family.  And hug on Jenny...did I mention that?
  3. Sunday...a day with no plans.  Oh what will that day bring, you ask?  I'm betting a trip to Costco and Target...maybe a cleaner closet?  Who knows.  I'm just excited about the lack of plans.
  4. 2 days down, 38 to go dessert free.
  5. 78 days until Hawaii!

Giving Up vs Adding...?

I gave up desserts for Lent.  Not for religious reasons...I just like the time frame.  And forty days of anything is worth chatting about, right?

Last night it did come to mind, though, that while the standard is to give up something, why isn't it to add something?  Why go without when adding something would be healthier/saner/add to quality of life?  If you're doing it for religious reasons, the idea is to deny yourself luxury items as a way to concentrate on what is really important.  Dessert definitely qualifies as a luxury item.

I came to the conclusion that it's easier to deny something that to add something.  Taking away means less work.  Adding means more work.  I feel bad that my life sometimes comes down to what's easiest (as a high school/college student, I can't say that I ever thought I would take the easy road on purpose) but as a wife, mom, employee, sister, daughter, homemaker and friend, I find the opportunity to take the easy road somewhat exciting.

So, I realized and totally understand that it would be a healthier idea to ADD a walk a day or ADD another serving of veggies a day.  But the SUBTRACTION of desserts, the conscious decision to not eat desserts, is easier.  I still want to add a walk and veggies but I can't commit to doing so daily with the feeling of any chance of success.  But I know that I can NOT eat desserts, that I can cut out something, that I can take one more thing off my list.

Does it come down to that?  Taking one more thing off my list?  LOVE IT!


Happy Friday Friends!

Two days without dessert--yep, I'm reporting success.  If you know me, you know that dessert is my love, my passion, and surly responsible for the cushion I've got going on in the rear area! :)  But as I wrote the other day, I am giving up desserts for Lent.

Yesterday I hosted my moms group for "Coffee Hour(s)" at our home.  It was great!  We figured out there were eleven toddlers and their parents.  The kiddos had fun exploring all of Abby's toys, Abby did a pretty good job with the sharing of her toys, there were good eats and drinks, and the conversation flowed.  I am so blessed to have them all in our life.  They've made this thing called motherhood much nicer.

Tonight we've gotten a babysitter and are having dinner with a couple we've never "dated" before.  I'm somewhat nervous but I'm sure it's just first time jitters.  I really like the guy--he works with Jason at Nugget, and every time I've gotten to hang out with his wife, I've felt the whole time we could be great friends.  Now will be the time to see if we're right, huh? :)  Anyway, it's kind of exciting to have something new to look forward to for the evening.

Here's to a great weekend, huh?! :)
Hope everyone out there is having success at what their working on too.
Cheers, Katie :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent...and I'm not even Catholic!

I grew up around a lot of Catholics.  My dad's family is all Catholic, Aaron and I were baptised in the Catholic church, and we grew up in Esparto, which has a large Mexican community and lean towards the Catholic faith.  I have many memories of the ash on the foreheads of my friends and their parents.  And many memories of talk of what people were giving up for Lent.

I've always been intrigued.  Not really because I wanted to give anything up.  And not really because I was jealous of the tradition.  Just curious.  As I've gotten older, an adult, I've learned of a lot of friends who have practiced the tradition of restraint and restriction for their faith.  But I've also found that there are a group of people out there who "practice" Lent to better themselves, with no religious reasons at all.

A couple of bloggers I read have been talking about their goals for Lent and it got me thinking.  Could I participate this year?  There are definitely things I could work on, use forty days to practice, and make positive changes in my life.  And even though the religion I was raised in doesn't observe Lent, I respect and appreciate the idea of giving up something to bring you closer to your faith and beliefs.  And while the goal I have chosen will not make the world a better place for anyone (except maybe me), I like the idea of reminding myself that I am a strong person, able to take on these little goals and be successful, which will/can translate to encouraging me to take on bigger roles and goals that will affect and make better the world I live in.

OK...I'm giving up desserts.  I mean the desserts we all know and love.  Candy.  Cake.  Ice cream.  For the next forty days, desserts/sweets to me will include apples, pears and dates.  I will sweeten my life with the goodness that nature provides me.  And I'll be won't hurt the weight loss goals that have nothing to do with Lent! :)

Happy Wednesday!
Cheers, Katie :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Right Now

Well...lots of things.  I'm a lucky girl and I try to always be aware of this fact and thankful for all I have in my life.  But especially right now, I am thankful for my mom.  She should be getting to my house any minute to have a fun day with Abby.  Abby's missed her (she was gone this weekend) and was so excited it was Meemaw day.  And I'm looking outside and the sun is out and the sky is blue with some clouds and I just know that they are going to have an incredible day.

(at the zoo yesterday with friends Mariah and Sydney)

And because Mom and Abby are playing, I get to come to work, to a job I love with people who are great and clients who are fun.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Misc Details of my World

We're all sick.  Everyone said it would happen once Abby started school.  They laughed and teased and joked about all of our luck at health and how that was coming to an end.  I laughed right along with them--it's the nice thing to do, right?--but inside I was cheering our awesome immune systems and resilience...and hoping for a miracle.  Well, Abby finishes her second week of school in about an hour and, as of 655am this morning, when I left for work, Jason had coughed all night and was congested, I sounded like a 900 number with a cold and Abby has been sporting the greatest bunch of YUCK coming out of her nose for at least two days.  Fabulous.  Everyone wants to come over, right? :)

Well...I'm starring a three-day-weekend in the eyes and see NO PLANS.  If you know me, you know that rarely happens.  I'm going to use it to get all of our mojo back!  I'm going to cook big pots of soup and make sure we all get good naps and keep the house warm and wear "jammies" (Abby's current favorite word) as much as possible.  We will get better!  And we'll come out of this stronger.  Or I'll die trying! :)

On another note, I have a couple friends who are trying desperately to become parents.  Different ways, strategies, and paths for sure, but the end result is this wonderland called parenthood.  They have have been on my heart.  So heavy.  If you read know who you are...know that I'm praying on you so hard right now.  For whatever reason, I am feeling you right now.  And you so deserve it.  You are amazing people and you make my heart sing and dance and you'll be perfect parents.  Just know you have a cheerleader in me and that you are in the fore-front of my mind and heart right now.

My world right now is consumed with all things healthy.  Well...I should amend that.  My world is consumed with preparing to be consumed with all things healthy.  Why is it that I just can't throw away a box of Runts?  I'll tell you why--my sweet hubby got them for me for Vday because he knew it was my favorite.  Basically, I'm finding myself consuming everything that shouldn't be in my path to start with.  Rather than destroy, throw away, waste, I'm cherishing and consuming it.  Oh my dear friend Colleen said in her MUCH NEEDED AND MUCH APPRECIATED advice on my newest venture, "See everyday as an opportunity to succeed."  Love it!  Love it so much, I printed it out and have stuck it in as many as five different places.

And here's some pictures...hopefully it'll make up for the huge spots between my posts... :)

We went to the zoo last weekend with Rick and Debby.  So much fun!  Got to see the animals, specifically the lemurs, get their Valentines.  So cute.  Abby spent her fair share of time in the dump truck...had nothing to do with all the LIVE animals all around her but whatever.  Now that we're members, we can go whenever so we have a whole year to see the animals! :)  Dump truck it up baby!

And this is what she does with my mom!  I have to wash shoes every time she plays with Meemaw...and I love it!  We're so blessed that Abby and Mom get to play together and have such a great relationship.  And she does love to get dirty--they say it skips a generation... :)

Here's to a great weekend for everyone!
Cheers, Katie :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Food this week. If I write it down, it will come, right? I guess I'll still need to make it. And I guess it's a good time to start, since it's looking pretty lax.

Thursday: Jason and Abby on their own-book club
Friday: dinner out with Phil & Taryn
Saturday: dinner out for Ginger's birthday
Sunday: chicken and spinach enchiladas
Monday: pizza night
Tuesday: southwest mac and cheese
Wednesday: crockpot chicken

So that's the plan. If I can get this together, it'll be huge. I'm really anxious about getting dinner on the table quickly when Abby starts school.

Lastly, and this has nothing to do with food...The Middle is a great show. I love it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three Days In...

I LOVE resolutions. I love making them, following them, planning for them, imagining them changing my life forever... The only part I'm not so good at is the follow through. I've noticed on some of the blogs I read that they are making goals rather than resolutions, choosing words that will help drive them towards what they want to accomplish, and really seem to be expanding the whole resolution thing. I like it!

I habitually make the same resolutions every year...loose weight and budget. I'm sure there are other things I need to concentrate on. I mean, these are important but really, that's not all I have, is it?

My word for 2012: JOYFUL. I want to find joy in everything I do and see and experience. I just really want to experience life through joyful and thankful eyes.

Everything will follow. I need to sit back and let it happen. And I will participate joyously.
Happy 2012!