Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

So...I need to write about falling off the Lent wagon this weekend but I'm still thinking about the whole thing.  Once it's settled in my brain, I'll share here.

Other than that, though, the weekend was great!  Catch up/chat/girl time Friday night, helped a friend with brainstorms for a new business Saturday morning and then off to Funderland for Mia's birthday party, which was really fun.  Sunday was off to Vacaville with CT for a little retail therapy.  Yes, I could have hit Target in Woodland but then I would have missed out on all that trapped chat time! :)

Abby's cough is starting to annoy I can't imagine what's it's doing to her.  Maybe that's why she BIT a friend at school yesterday!  Yep, you heard me right.  I guess it was the perfect storm and they didn't seem too upset about it but what?!?!  Great...add Mom of Biter to my resume! :)

And Abby's all about waking up in the middle of the night and demanding her ABC movie.  OK kid.  Glad you like the ABC's...that's going to do you well in the future.  Waking your parents up because you're so excited about the alphabet isn't.  Love you.  Go back to sleep!

I know...elephant in the room.  I need to start tracking, back to dessert free today, and still haven't figured out how to get a workout in to save my life.  Maybe when I'm sitting on the couch reading the new Mindy Kaling book.  Oh good.  If you smile or laugh out loud while reading, I consider that time well spent.  And isn't there something to laughing, etc like a workout...?

OK...I'm starting to loose it.  Laughing equals workout.  I think I'll take this brain power and put it to work.  Cheers, Katie :)

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