Friday, March 2, 2012

Life Is Good!

Have I mentioned how lucky I feel?  I have a great life.

Last night I got to go to book club sans kiddo and talk with adults and eat with both hands and laugh and listen and didn't have to chase anyone of short stature around...oh, it was good night.  And it followed a good day of playing with Abby and her friends (and their moms...yah) and a kick ass nap that I joined in on too and a very successful (=quick, everything was there, final total didn't make my eyes hurt) trip to Costco.  See, lucky. :)

We just finished The Poisonwood Bible for book club and it was good...but then, I do have the rep of liking every book we read so take my recommendation as you'd like.  I love book club because I have been reading things that I probably wouldn't have picked up otherwise and I love the variety.  And, as sweet Ginger says, this book club is like a support group.  We all have different life situations but have had no trouble finding the common ground you want in a group of friends.

I'm a lucky girl.  And I love my family and my friends.  Yah!

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