Monday, March 19, 2012

This's making me hate Abby's school! :)

Just kidding--I LOVE LOVE LOVE Abby's school and she loves going.  But I cant help but realize that if she hadn't brought it home, I wouldn't have it now.  And it's a bugger!  And making me slightly crazy.  Ugg!

On a much nicer, lighter note, we took a beautiful, fun, energizing walk yesterday and decided it needs to become a regular thing.  We'll try our schedule tonight and see if it works.  I'll pick Abby up at school, go home and put food in her face.  Jason should get home about the time we're done and he and I will change out of our work clothes and stick Ms Abby in the stroller and take off.  This schedule should give us a two-mile-plus walk and get us back home by 7pm.  Then Abby can get in the bath, play a little, we'll read and she'll go off to bed.  I'm hoping it works out because it was so nice yesterday to talk with Jason, enjoy the outdoors and play at the parks with Abby.

On the no-dessert-for-Lent quest, consider it banished!  But it has gotten me thinking about what dessert really adds to my life and when I really need some chocolate and when a piece of fruit (or date!) would do just the same without all the sugar and fat.  So...that's where we are on that.

Abby has been sleeping in her pack-n-play since the beginning of the year.  We borrowed her crib from friends and they are having a baby in about a month so in order to give them ample time to prepare, and to give Abby a chance to get used to pack-n-play sleeping for our trip to IA, we decided to go ahead and switch her a little early.  It's worked out fine.  A couple of times in the last month or so I've thought "wow, she's so big and this bed...isn't."  And the last couple of nights she's been waking up throughout the night, which hasn't been good for me needing some sleep to KICK THIS COLD'S ASS, so last night I decided to try something new and put her back down (after she woke up way early, like 930pm) on her big girl bed.  Seems like it worked out.  Since I was pretty much awake with an ear ache all night, the couple times she woke up, I was awake and went in and laid next to her and she calmed right down.  It may be time to spread her wings.  Wouldn't it be awesome if that is what's happening?!  Wish us luck. :)

Hope life is grand!
Cheers, Katie :)

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