Monday, August 29, 2011


I am happy to report...I DID IT!  I went a whole week with no desserts!  And it wasn't so bad. :)  I lived and enjoyed myself and didn't feel deprived.  I even allowed for a couple "cheats" because I had a couple events to attend and...well...if you know me, you know I LOVE cake! :)  But I didn't need them.  Circumstances worked so that I didn't even have to decide...I just didn't go get any and it wasn't passed out.  Yah!

I'll write more later...just wanted to report my huge success!  (Sadly, for me, it is HUGE!)

I do my monthly weigh in Thursday but I'm not expecting my week of non-splurging to show up there.  It was more about showing myself I could do it. :)

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh Goodness!

I knew it'd been a while since I'd posted but really, Katie, 18 days!?!  Get it together! :)

Good news is that I've been so busy with family being here and parties and work that my sweet blog has been pushed aside.  If I'm going to have an excuse for blog-slacking, that's a good one, right?

Life in our world has been grand.  AWESOME visit from the Iowans--I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and wanted to hide them under my bed so they couldn't go home.  But they did, darn it!  So we FINALLY set up the next best thing--Skype!  And tried it out for the first time Sunday.  And we have a date for tonight.  Yah!  I'm so excited!

In the past two weeks, Abby has cut FIVE teeth!  What?!  That's just crazy!  And they've been the hardest so far.  But she's such a trooper and I think we're past the worst of it.  She slept through the night last night--the first time in over two weeks!  Everyone in our house is feeling much more refreshed today. :)

Ashlee and I made a pact--is it wrong that we decided to start it AFTER county fair?  We are not eating any dessert for a week!  That may not seem like a big deal to some of you but for me, that's huge!  I usually will have something sweet for lunch dessert and something sweet after dinner--and sometimes Ashlee and I decide we need something in the afternoons.'s gotten bad! :)  It's been hard but I've totally kicked butt and have successfully gone four days without any dessert!  I'm allowing myself a cheat this weekend because we're celebrating a friend's graduation tomorrow.  Yah for Jen! :)

So...I'm thinking of extending it.  Or adding it to my treasure chest of healthy living goals. dessert during the week.  Monday through Friday, if there is no reason to celebrate, why should I be eating dessert?  Thoughts?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back on track...

Happy Monday!
Did you see what the market did today?!  OMG!  EVERYTHING is on sale! :)

Anyway, it's my birthday week!  Woo Hoo!  35, here I come!  Busy girls are happy girls, which is good because this week is busy!  And my sweet sister, Deklan and Derek come Friday--Woo Hoo! :)  Not only am I a busy, happy girl, I'm also feeling quite lucky too!

RE iVillage challenges, I can honestly say last week was so busy, with the market craziness and major computer issues here at work, that I didn't even read them.  And I'm making an executive decision here that I'm just going to erase them and start fresh.  Today's challenge is to get the WHOLE family involved in outside activities, including the pets.  Much to Abby's chagrin, we don't have any pets so...  And as I'm thinking about this, how to do you involve the fish?  Anyway, for another time.

RE weight loss-ness, I'm in a weird place.  I am at peace--seems like even more than my mom is, sorry Aaron, I think she's grieving--but since I started "paying attention," I've actually gained eight pounds (which is actually ten because one month I lost two and I'm eight over the starting number!).  And in these months--I think I started in April--I've totally upped my activity levels, started doing Stroller Strides, and my eating has been much more conscious.  Who knows what the deal is.  And to be honest, I'm in no mood to figure it out, which is bad.  But I'm not feeling like "who cares" or anything like that, so that's good.  No binges or craziness around here, just more status quo, which is not working.

I'll need to figure something out--SUGGESTIONS ARE TOTALLY WELCOME!  But for this week, I'm going to enjoy life, try not to let work drag me under, keep ramping up the excitement levels for the the Iowa family's arrival and celebrate my 35th.  If you want, play along! :)

Cheers, Katie :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Weekend Review


Not on the exercise/food front but on every other front, definitely!  And not awful on the other either! :)

Friday night--dinner at Burgers and Brew with dear friends.  Nothing to complain about there--good friends, good food, weather was perfect.  (Oh yeah--totally get credit--ordered salad instead of fries!)  And we went on a sweet little walk after dinner that was perfect.

Saturday Abby and I had lunch with Mom and an old 4H friend--AWESOME.  Abby ate a half of a foot long!  I don't know where that kid puts it!  Then we went to shower a mom-to-be with some love and the cupcakes were to die for.  Then off to Putah Creek Cafe for dinner to celebrate Carol's birthday--I shared the chicken dinner with Abby and Jason.  It was HUGE!  And so delicious.

Sunday was clean the garage day!  Abby and I ran over and picked up my book for book club--the library was never going to get to my turn in time--and then we started on the garage.  Goal is to get the car back in because if I'm not careful, the water that hits it when I water the lawn is going to stain.  And that would be bad and sad.  Jason and Abby went through the box of toys Jennifer gave us forever ago while I just started sorting the random piles I've started since the car first vacated.  Report: by the end of the week, if everything goes according to plan, I'll have the car back in the garage.  I have three trips to deliver the three piles I have made and then Lola is back in the garage.  Reward: car wash.  Yah!

So I guess it really wasn't a bad weekend.  I didn't over-indulge ever.  And I'm sore so I know I did get a good workout of some sort yesterday cleaning out the garage.

Today eating wasn't so good--I had jury duty and had to do something quick and since I didn't know what the day would look like, I hadn't packed anything.  Fun splurge...I don't do it and let live.  Jury duty hardship granted--I'm going on vacation with the family in a couple weeks--and I'll be back there in September.  Oh well!

Cheers!  Happy Monday!