Monday, August 8, 2011

Back on track...

Happy Monday!
Did you see what the market did today?!  OMG!  EVERYTHING is on sale! :)

Anyway, it's my birthday week!  Woo Hoo!  35, here I come!  Busy girls are happy girls, which is good because this week is busy!  And my sweet sister, Deklan and Derek come Friday--Woo Hoo! :)  Not only am I a busy, happy girl, I'm also feeling quite lucky too!

RE iVillage challenges, I can honestly say last week was so busy, with the market craziness and major computer issues here at work, that I didn't even read them.  And I'm making an executive decision here that I'm just going to erase them and start fresh.  Today's challenge is to get the WHOLE family involved in outside activities, including the pets.  Much to Abby's chagrin, we don't have any pets so...  And as I'm thinking about this, how to do you involve the fish?  Anyway, for another time.

RE weight loss-ness, I'm in a weird place.  I am at peace--seems like even more than my mom is, sorry Aaron, I think she's grieving--but since I started "paying attention," I've actually gained eight pounds (which is actually ten because one month I lost two and I'm eight over the starting number!).  And in these months--I think I started in April--I've totally upped my activity levels, started doing Stroller Strides, and my eating has been much more conscious.  Who knows what the deal is.  And to be honest, I'm in no mood to figure it out, which is bad.  But I'm not feeling like "who cares" or anything like that, so that's good.  No binges or craziness around here, just more status quo, which is not working.

I'll need to figure something out--SUGGESTIONS ARE TOTALLY WELCOME!  But for this week, I'm going to enjoy life, try not to let work drag me under, keep ramping up the excitement levels for the the Iowa family's arrival and celebrate my 35th.  If you want, play along! :)

Cheers, Katie :)

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