Monday, August 1, 2011

Quick Weekend Review


Not on the exercise/food front but on every other front, definitely!  And not awful on the other either! :)

Friday night--dinner at Burgers and Brew with dear friends.  Nothing to complain about there--good friends, good food, weather was perfect.  (Oh yeah--totally get credit--ordered salad instead of fries!)  And we went on a sweet little walk after dinner that was perfect.

Saturday Abby and I had lunch with Mom and an old 4H friend--AWESOME.  Abby ate a half of a foot long!  I don't know where that kid puts it!  Then we went to shower a mom-to-be with some love and the cupcakes were to die for.  Then off to Putah Creek Cafe for dinner to celebrate Carol's birthday--I shared the chicken dinner with Abby and Jason.  It was HUGE!  And so delicious.

Sunday was clean the garage day!  Abby and I ran over and picked up my book for book club--the library was never going to get to my turn in time--and then we started on the garage.  Goal is to get the car back in because if I'm not careful, the water that hits it when I water the lawn is going to stain.  And that would be bad and sad.  Jason and Abby went through the box of toys Jennifer gave us forever ago while I just started sorting the random piles I've started since the car first vacated.  Report: by the end of the week, if everything goes according to plan, I'll have the car back in the garage.  I have three trips to deliver the three piles I have made and then Lola is back in the garage.  Reward: car wash.  Yah!

So I guess it really wasn't a bad weekend.  I didn't over-indulge ever.  And I'm sore so I know I did get a good workout of some sort yesterday cleaning out the garage.

Today eating wasn't so good--I had jury duty and had to do something quick and since I didn't know what the day would look like, I hadn't packed anything.  Fun splurge...I don't do it and let live.  Jury duty hardship granted--I'm going on vacation with the family in a couple weeks--and I'll be back there in September.  Oh well!

Cheers!  Happy Monday!

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