Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let it go!

Progress report--yesterday I successfully completed all five of my mini goals.  Oh...I also made like 50 copies and taped them all over my house, work and car. :)

Today's goal is to let go it.  You know, those grudges you hold over people--and in my case, they usually don't even know it--that take up time and stress in your heart and mind.  Pick one and LET IT GO.  Forgive and move on.

I have the wonderful skill of being so forgetful that I forget to hold grudges.  OK, not such a bad thing.  Maybe I'm highly evolved but most likely, I just have too much else to think about.  And most of it is GREAT so why waste time of the yuck.

I'm going to think today about who/what I'm holding secret grudges towards/about and make a resolution to LET IT GO.  We'll see what I come up with...since I read the challenge last night, I still haven't thought of anything more than the kid who bullied me in the fifth grade, who I haven't seen or even heard about in DECADES.

Come on Katie...let it go! :)
Happy Tuesday!

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