Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekends are my Weakness...and I love it!

So apparently, weekends are my weakness.  I gave no thought to reading the next goal Friday night (actually, even fell asleep with Abby for a while).  Neither did I even think about it Saturday night.  So I'm thinking that weekends are off.  And if there was ever a weekend to not hold myself accountable, it was this weekend.  Oh goodness!  Between my 14-year anniversary at LPL Friday, a graduation bash Saturday and BBQ with all of Abby's grandparents last night, I don't think I ever felt anything but FULL.  I miss the feeling of hunger.  I think some clean eating is in store for me this week...clean the system out, if you know what I mean! :)

So...Friday's goal was to schedule my fitness.  I'm going to publish it here.  Tuesday night Kim, Carrie and I (and whoever else wants to--come play!) are trying out the Y's yoga class.  And then, even though it kind of feels like cheating, I am going to work out both Saturday and Sunday.  I've decided to invest in a punch card for a couple gyms here in town, so I can use them when I want to instead of paying a monthly fee.  I'm just not sure I'd get my money worth right now.  Strike that--I know I wouldn't.  So for $5 I can go to the gym at the Y and then Sunday I'll try one of the other gyms in town and start a punch card.  That's my plan for the week.

Today's goal is to write out five mini-goals.  They make the correct assumption that if you're reading the book, one of your dreams is to be fitter and healthier (in 90 days).  So today I should make five mini goals of how to get there.  I'm going to focus on goals small enough that I can check off daily that they are done.  I'll be back by the end of the day with what those are...

Happy Monday!

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