Thursday, June 14, 2012

Run Abby, Run!

Today's goal: play with a kid/pet/etc for 30 minutes. Like fun exercise. OK. Shouldn't be too hard was my thought last night when I read the challenge. I'm the parent to an active toddler. I can do this. And it would be a "Mom and Abby" day, so even easier. And I closed my big browns for some sweet sleep. 1145pm our little ray of freakin' sunshine awoke crying and continued to fuss, whine, complain and basically be miserable for the next four hours (good news is that she woke up like nothing was weird, took a long nap, and has generally been herself all day). can imagine my thoughts on chasing her around for 30 minutes were...well...not happy ones. But it was also Twilight Thursday at the zoo and we had plans to go with Mom, Tammy and Alexa. And Abby must read this blog...or what's on my kindle...or MY MIND...because she proceeded to stay amazingly, almost annoyingly, close all evening until it was time for a quick run through our favorite animals before going home. This is when she decided to RUN AROUND THE ZOO LIKE A WILD ANIMAL WHO HAD ESCAPED! So...I was able to accomplish my challenge of the day. Ummm, thank you Abby...? Now I'm off to finish off my mini goals (water done, breakfast success earlier and unintentional exercise down, 25's and stretching left) and I'm off to bed. Wish me luck that the whole house gets a good nights' rest. Sweet dreams all!

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