Wednesday, June 20, 2012 happens

I fully intended to take a picture of myself.  And I have, taken many in the past couple of days, from unflattering angles and of some of my least pretty body areas.  But not because of the book or the challenge.  Because of this:

Life happens.  We are all OK, thank goodness!  See that rear door, how it seems to be the only part that isn't touched?  Yeah--that's where Abby's seat is.  I'm convinced her sunshine-like personality beams protected her.  Jenny B and I in the front seat, Jason and Abby in the back, were t-boned in Natomas Saturday night.  While not a fault, it's still huge, with lots of good vibes shooting over to Jen while she recuperates from taking the brunt of the accident.

So, the book is on hold.  So much is going on with dealing with everything and I'm exhausted when I finally lay down at night.  And still sore and bruised.  I will say this: I can go the rest of my life without doing that again.

We're all OK--thanks goodness!
Cheers, Katie :)

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