Friday, June 8, 2012

"In the Moment" and scheduling

Yesterday was day two and the mini challenge was to live in the moment.  You can't change what's already been done and really, there's only so much control over what's ahead of you.  So live in the moment, try to make good decisions along the way (eating and otherwise), and trek on.

Yesterday was my Abby day.  I cherish these days...and they exhaust me.  Every Thursday I become more and more in awe of SAHM's.  I mean, you guys do this every day, not just Thursdays and weekends with your hubby's to help.  We usually have plans with other moms and their littles and yesterday was no different.  We met up at Rainbow Park for a little play time/picnic.  Abby has this wonderful skill--apparently it's important to her to taste-test everyones food, to make sure it isn't poisonous, I'm sure.  And even when I've packed her favorite foods, it's still much more exciting to see what everyone else has.  It's annoying--my daughter is a mooch!  Everyone says they don't care...they lie but they're nice so they keep me/us around. :)

So Abby and I left the house a little early yesterday and hit Trader Joe's and got all of the group favorites: blueberries, edamane, cheese rounds, sliced apples and cheese puffs.  Pay it forward--or in this case, try to pay it back for all the past moochi-ness.  The kids and moms ate, we laughed and watched our kids get corralled by first graders, and I sat back and realized that I was FULL.  On fruit and edamane.  Not on cheese puffs.  Go Katie!  In the moment baby! :)

Disclaimer: I was that full where you don't even want to drink water but by dinner, it was necessary to eat some protein.  Panera is helpful like that.  So is a book club meeting with my lovely ladies, where the only discussion of the book was about how we weren't going to read it.  Ha!  I guess that's how we roll.

Today's challenge is schedule three or four hour-long sessions to work out next week.  To actually put them on the calendar, get the gang on board, and do them.  They always say to do this...I'll try it.  I will say this--the authors have kids but they are old enough to be left alone for an hour at this time of their life.  And the "solutions" they suggested to make the hour happen in terms of your kids was inadequate and really, just laughable.  But whatever.  Neither here nor there.

I should mention that besides these mini challenges, which I seem to be concentrating on, there are other things to do.  I seem to be effectively ignoring them.  I haven't journaled any food I've eaten.  I haven't done any of the exercises they have so nicely listed out for me.  I've only taken the mini challenges and blogged about them here.  Cheating...I'm not saying.  We'll see.  It's had me blogging more consistently (I've even thought about doing it when I'm falling asleep).  Can blogging count towards calorie burn? :)

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