Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Werid...and possible spin for a while

The weird part is coming...

I've joined up with this facebook challenge of a Biggest Loser theme.  It's fun.  I've never watched the show and haven't really "meant to" but when an "old" friend (meaning I'm old and she was in 4H way after me but remembers me--UGG, those kill you, right?! in a good way) invited me to the challenge, I said OK.  $20 for the chance to win $500?  And all in the name of losing weight healthfully.  OK, sign me up, here's my cash.

Last week I was 15 out of 60 some-odd people but I'm still not in the top 15 for the challenge.  Still, it's been fun and has kept me on track on more than one occasion.  So, some part of it is working.

Within the group, they started a book club of sorts, to read "together" a book called "The 90-Day Fitness Challenge" by Phil and Amy Pargman.  They are a couple who were on the show and lost a bunch of weight and have since started a business of going around and teaching other people what they learned from being on the show.  It's an easy read.  I can't say I'm not enjoying it but it's also a lot of what I've read before.  They live by their "DREAM" Principle:
  • Dream about what you want your life to be
  • Recognize where you are today
  • Eat to live
  • Activate your body
  • Make a difference in the lives of others
Anyway, I won't go into it more now but if lots of bible quotes, cheerleader chat and great before/after photos are your thing, you'll be in heaven.  It's fine for I said, it's an easy read and I'm game.

They recommend you use a journal to record your daily stuff, so the "possible spin for a while" is that I might use this for that place to chat with myself (and you) with what I'm thinking, realizing, etc.  And please feel free to comment.  I'm a pretty open book, and especially to the (very) few of you who read my blog.

So the "weird" part, which is why you kept reading, isn't it?! :)  The first principal is to dream.  They say that what they found with themselves is that as they got older, more responsibilities in the way of kids, home, life, got heavier in weight and further in debt, they found that they lost sight of their dreams.  And then forgot how to dream.

So that's one of their big things, in fact the first they want you to work on, is to remember how to and start dreaming again.  Basically, as I read it, create your goals based on your dreams rather then numbers or pants sizes.  And the challenge for today is to acknowledge/write down/remember those dreams that you had earlier in life.

Weird part: I can't think of any dream I had that I haven't already accomplished.  I always wanted to be a mom (Abby), be married (Jason), have a home I loved (check), be a secretary (a little more than that but...), live on a street with lights (and a sidewalk!).  I have family near and far, all of who I get to see often.  I have friends whom I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So where does that leave me?  Do I need new dreams?  Is wanting to figure out how to BBQ really a dream?  Or an organized house--is that a dream?  This seems to be a weird place to be.  No dreams here.  But not because I forgot how...because I'm just that lucky.  Oh goodness.


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