Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Project

Why is it that I feel like I must always have a “project” going?  And why is that “project” never to have clean floors or the laundry done?  J

I’ve been eating out more than usual.  It’s a bad habit.  It’s not good for me, it’s full of junk and calories and fat, and it EXPENSIVE.  For all these reasons, and more that I’m not thinking of right now, I’m taking a month-long break from eating out.

April 11th to May 11th

It’s going to be perfect timing because we leave for Hawaii the 12th and being on vacation does through a bit of a hitch in even the best-laid plans.

The only exception I can see will be already-planned (I can see two on the calendar) meals out and my goal for those times will be to choose healthy options and not blow the budget on extras like sodas and desserts.  I don’t need them, they are always super pricey for what you get, and they don’t contribute to the goal of being a healthy me.

Thoughts?  Advice?


  1. Kudos to you for your ongoing quest for self-improvement! (Even if it doesn't involve clean laundry.) We've tried to cut back on our eating out too and find we do a better job long-term when we make a special meal at home every once in a while (e.g. splurge on a nice steak!).

    1. Ooo...good idea. I do have to confess that my usual "eating out" is for lunch.