Monday, April 16, 2012

I will get back with some pictures

Well…what a weekend!  Since I last checked in, my sweet sister flew in to surprise my mom for her retirement party, which was also a huge success (thanks RISE team) and such a touching tribute to the hard work Mom and Tammy have put in to the community.  We had lunch with my Gma’s friends, a big taco family dinner and a game of Mexican train that I won.  I walked a 5K with Carrie, took a much-needed nap with Abby and spent a nice afternoon playing with Abby and dinner with Mom and Gma.  Wow—what a time!  And so much fun.  I’m sure I’ll expand later…wouldn’t pictures help? J

My eating-out goal is going OK.  At this point in the month, um…a whole five days into it…I’d give myself a C.  Not an F because of all of the eating out because the only one I paid for was scheduled but not an A because, well, I ate out a lot.

We ended up eating dinner out Thursday night with Gma and Mom before picking Aaron up.  Thai so the healthy choices were there and I’d say I did pretty good at picking something healthy and tasty.  Water and none of the appetizers but I ate the whole thing…because it was so GOOD! J  We had lunch at Scott’s Seafood with Gma and her friends—I had the fish and chips (I usually do if it’s on the menu and somewhere where is should be good because I love fish and chips but WILL NOT make it) but I stuck with water to drink and only had one piece of the insanely-good French bread.  And then there was the scheduled meal out—coffee before/breakfast after the 5K with Carrie.  So good.  So good.  I love Café Italia.  Of course I had the French toast with eggs.  And it was good.  And I had coffee.  And we had what we like to call “breakfast appetizers”—these little donut sticks that they bring with chocolate and raspberry syrup dipping sauces.  OMG.  So…see what I mean…a C.  Right in the middle. J

To get back on track though, I have my lunch made for the week and have dinner out with friends planned for Friday night so I have that to look forward to, food-wise.  Friend-wise too.  Not to self: need to find a babysitter asap.

And the weather looks like it’s going to be beautiful so it’s back to evening walks for the Wilmots, which is great because we all love it.  We all feel so good after going, Abby sleeps so much better, Jason and I catch up on the day, the week, life, and the fresh air is just nice to breathe in. J  If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of the family walks. J

I will get back with some pictures.

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