Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter is upon us

I love this time of year.  I love the beautiful weather, the flowers in bloom, Spring Break (oh how I miss those), and little girls in dresses and sparkly shoes:

I'm thankful for things more this time of year too.  Family, friends, health, basic luck in being born an American (really, I take this for granted a lot).

Today makes the anniversary of my best friend's death when I was in seventh grade.  I don't even want to count how many years that was...ok...I was nine in ten in fifth, eleven in sixth, twelve in seventh grade.  I'm 35 so Sean, dear Sean, died 23 years ago.  OMG.  I'm thankful for his life, as short as it was, and the impact he's had on me and my life since.  Sometimes I live carefully because I am "living" for Sean too, living the life he didn't get to.  And sometimes I live life crazily because...well, I'm "living" for Sean too, and he was a fun-loving person and would rock the house.  So today, tonight, I will hug my baby a little tighter, tell her about my dear friend Sean, and we'll say a little hello to him.  I'm sure he's looking down at her an smiling, just like I do.

Friday makes my dad's death anniversary...that'll be 13 years.  (And this is the first time I've noticed that those dates are 20 years apart...).  Another amazing man in my life, another incredible loss of a friend, dad, loved one.  He too, I'm sure, is looking down in wonderment at his little granddaughter.  Friday we'll talk about him...probably cry a little too...and say a little hello.

I'm not sad...I'm so so so glad that both of these men were in my life.  Thankful.  So very thankful.  See...Easter is upon us! :)

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