Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend in Review

It's been a good one, I'll say that. :)

Date night Friday was fun. We had a great time, lots of stories you only get to tell once so it's always fun to get to tell them again (how'd you meet/fall in love/propose, who/where are your family, etc), and great food. And of course, Abby did great. Friday night rocked.

Saturday Abby and I went down to Greenbrae to visit Jenny B. SO MUCH FUN! And so great to see her and catch up. Jenny and I took Abby to the Discovery Museaum and that was so fun. Abby had a great time and she's very entertaining. It was nice to see Jenny's mom too. Abby adores Jenny already...Linda was a close second that day.

And's been a good one too. Hung out with Jason and Abby, watched "I don't know she does it" with SJP and loved it, and had Guad for dinner with my favorite people. Not too shabby.

I do need to report that I had cheesecake for dessert Friday night, going against my "no desserts for forty days" thing. But it didn't taste as good as it should have. Maybe because I knew I'd tried to make this goal...? Maybe because it just wasn't that good. Whatever the reason, I won't say that I was pressured into it. I just didn't say "no thanks." My bad. But here's what I am going to do: I am going to move on, not drop the plan just because of one mess up and not be all type-A about it. Perfection is not the goal. And ladies...that, for me, to not just scrap the whole idea because of one mess up, is huge for me. So...that piece of cheesecake is going to represent success for me, not failure. I haven't had dessert since and am sticking to the plan.

Cheers, Katie

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