Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy Friday Friends!

Two days without dessert--yep, I'm reporting success.  If you know me, you know that dessert is my love, my passion, and surly responsible for the cushion I've got going on in the rear area! :)  But as I wrote the other day, I am giving up desserts for Lent.

Yesterday I hosted my moms group for "Coffee Hour(s)" at our home.  It was great!  We figured out there were eleven toddlers and their parents.  The kiddos had fun exploring all of Abby's toys, Abby did a pretty good job with the sharing of her toys, there were good eats and drinks, and the conversation flowed.  I am so blessed to have them all in our life.  They've made this thing called motherhood much nicer.

Tonight we've gotten a babysitter and are having dinner with a couple we've never "dated" before.  I'm somewhat nervous but I'm sure it's just first time jitters.  I really like the guy--he works with Jason at Nugget, and every time I've gotten to hang out with his wife, I've felt the whole time we could be great friends.  Now will be the time to see if we're right, huh? :)  Anyway, it's kind of exciting to have something new to look forward to for the evening.

Here's to a great weekend, huh?! :)
Hope everyone out there is having success at what their working on too.
Cheers, Katie :)

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