Friday, February 24, 2012

Giving Up vs Adding...?

I gave up desserts for Lent.  Not for religious reasons...I just like the time frame.  And forty days of anything is worth chatting about, right?

Last night it did come to mind, though, that while the standard is to give up something, why isn't it to add something?  Why go without when adding something would be healthier/saner/add to quality of life?  If you're doing it for religious reasons, the idea is to deny yourself luxury items as a way to concentrate on what is really important.  Dessert definitely qualifies as a luxury item.

I came to the conclusion that it's easier to deny something that to add something.  Taking away means less work.  Adding means more work.  I feel bad that my life sometimes comes down to what's easiest (as a high school/college student, I can't say that I ever thought I would take the easy road on purpose) but as a wife, mom, employee, sister, daughter, homemaker and friend, I find the opportunity to take the easy road somewhat exciting.

So, I realized and totally understand that it would be a healthier idea to ADD a walk a day or ADD another serving of veggies a day.  But the SUBTRACTION of desserts, the conscious decision to not eat desserts, is easier.  I still want to add a walk and veggies but I can't commit to doing so daily with the feeling of any chance of success.  But I know that I can NOT eat desserts, that I can cut out something, that I can take one more thing off my list.

Does it come down to that?  Taking one more thing off my list?  LOVE IT!

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