Friday, February 17, 2012

Misc Details of my World

We're all sick.  Everyone said it would happen once Abby started school.  They laughed and teased and joked about all of our luck at health and how that was coming to an end.  I laughed right along with them--it's the nice thing to do, right?--but inside I was cheering our awesome immune systems and resilience...and hoping for a miracle.  Well, Abby finishes her second week of school in about an hour and, as of 655am this morning, when I left for work, Jason had coughed all night and was congested, I sounded like a 900 number with a cold and Abby has been sporting the greatest bunch of YUCK coming out of her nose for at least two days.  Fabulous.  Everyone wants to come over, right? :)

Well...I'm starring a three-day-weekend in the eyes and see NO PLANS.  If you know me, you know that rarely happens.  I'm going to use it to get all of our mojo back!  I'm going to cook big pots of soup and make sure we all get good naps and keep the house warm and wear "jammies" (Abby's current favorite word) as much as possible.  We will get better!  And we'll come out of this stronger.  Or I'll die trying! :)

On another note, I have a couple friends who are trying desperately to become parents.  Different ways, strategies, and paths for sure, but the end result is this wonderland called parenthood.  They have have been on my heart.  So heavy.  If you read know who you are...know that I'm praying on you so hard right now.  For whatever reason, I am feeling you right now.  And you so deserve it.  You are amazing people and you make my heart sing and dance and you'll be perfect parents.  Just know you have a cheerleader in me and that you are in the fore-front of my mind and heart right now.

My world right now is consumed with all things healthy.  Well...I should amend that.  My world is consumed with preparing to be consumed with all things healthy.  Why is it that I just can't throw away a box of Runts?  I'll tell you why--my sweet hubby got them for me for Vday because he knew it was my favorite.  Basically, I'm finding myself consuming everything that shouldn't be in my path to start with.  Rather than destroy, throw away, waste, I'm cherishing and consuming it.  Oh my dear friend Colleen said in her MUCH NEEDED AND MUCH APPRECIATED advice on my newest venture, "See everyday as an opportunity to succeed."  Love it!  Love it so much, I printed it out and have stuck it in as many as five different places.

And here's some pictures...hopefully it'll make up for the huge spots between my posts... :)

We went to the zoo last weekend with Rick and Debby.  So much fun!  Got to see the animals, specifically the lemurs, get their Valentines.  So cute.  Abby spent her fair share of time in the dump truck...had nothing to do with all the LIVE animals all around her but whatever.  Now that we're members, we can go whenever so we have a whole year to see the animals! :)  Dump truck it up baby!

And this is what she does with my mom!  I have to wash shoes every time she plays with Meemaw...and I love it!  We're so blessed that Abby and Mom get to play together and have such a great relationship.  And she does love to get dirty--they say it skips a generation... :)

Here's to a great weekend for everyone!
Cheers, Katie :)

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  1. Your post was worth the wait! :) She is looking more and more like you every day!!