Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three Days In...

I LOVE resolutions. I love making them, following them, planning for them, imagining them changing my life forever... The only part I'm not so good at is the follow through. I've noticed on some of the blogs I read that they are making goals rather than resolutions, choosing words that will help drive them towards what they want to accomplish, and really seem to be expanding the whole resolution thing. I like it!

I habitually make the same resolutions every year...loose weight and budget. I'm sure there are other things I need to concentrate on. I mean, these are important but really, that's not all I have, is it?

My word for 2012: JOYFUL. I want to find joy in everything I do and see and experience. I just really want to experience life through joyful and thankful eyes.

Everything will follow. I need to sit back and let it happen. And I will participate joyously.
Happy 2012!

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