Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yesterday's Eating=YUCK and Today's Challenge (repeat iVillage!)

So yesterday morning I was feeling so powerful.  I was hungry...I ate until I was satisfied...I stopped.  And then the day erupted!  There wasn't any rhyme or reason to what I was doing.  I blame Aunt that wrong?  But whatever it was, it wasn't pretty.

Today is a new day.  I've already eaten when I wasn't hungry for social reasons.  But that was the past.  Moving forward.

And maybe I can get some advice.  The book, and lots of other places, say only eat when you're hungry.  What about the mornings, when you aren't hungry but know that you should because that's what gets your metabolism working.  What do you do then?

Today's iVillage challenge is to play with the virtual games again.  Might actually do this tonight since it's supposed to be a scorcher.  We'll see because a walk sounds nice.  But I still have been wanting to try the stupid wii fit...send me wii fit vibes. :)

Found this...thought it rocked...posting it here:

Have a great one!

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