Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to It!

So...the heat finally caught up with me and my little family and we all ended up in bad moods by early yesterday afternoon.  Solution: go to Sac family's house for 4th BBQ!  HUGE motivation was their pool, I have to admit.  And it definitely did the trick.  Ms Abby got in a pool for the first time ever...and LOVED it!  We have a crazy water bug on our hands.  Absolutely no fear.  Oh well...I pretty much knew from the start that my hands would be full with her. :)

I did not get a walk in yesterday but Mom and I did hit Target and F4L...but I'm not claiming that counts at all. :)

Best news of the day--my co-worker is back from maternity leave today.  YAH!  She's been missed!
Happy Tuesday!

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