Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh Happy Summer Days

So...I wasn't at my best this weekend when it comes to health and fitness...unless you're talking mental health and happy body! :)  I slept...I played with my little person...I spent time with family and friends...I cleaned my windows and screens (thanks Mom!).  So, all in all, I feel like it was a successful weekend. :)

But first things first!  Saturday, Ms Abby wrapped her arms around my neck and HUGGED ME!  OH MY GOODNESS--that was the best feeling ever!  She's never done that before.  It was the sweetest thing and felt so good!  Now I know why Mom always comes in for a hug! :)  Fine with me--if you know me you know I'm a hugger--but goodness, the BEST FEELING EVER!  And she did it a couple more times and then yesterday too so I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy.  Pretty sure... :)

I didn't focus on food or exercise this weekend.  But I can say I didn't eat to "stuffed" and I did exert myself at times.  I had relaxing meals with people I love.  I walked with Ms Abby and explored a garage sale and bought a ball--remember those bouncy ones from school?  Yeah!  One of those!  Abby loves it!  I put on a swim suit and in front of other people, got in a pool so Abby could play.  So worth it.  I may not be a hottie in a suit but I care so much less when I get to see Abby playing in the pool.  You don't like my body in a swimsuit--you can suck it!  Cause look at this cute baby girl having the time of her life!  In fact, let's be honest...they aren't even noticing me because she's so cute! :)  And yesterday, thanks to my mom's sweet prodding (only needed because Aunt Flo came and left me with NO MOTIVATION), I got my windows and screens cleaned, which lead to the porch getting cleaned off and the lawn mowed.  I went to bed a happy girl last night...maybe because I didn't focus on food or exercise and just focused on living...?

This'll be a great one!  Only 25 days until Aaron et all get here and I can't wait!

I read a little more on the OFF plan (Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell) and have gotten to the chapter that talks about the first two weeks.  I should get through that tonight.  I'll report more later.

Happy Monday everyone!  Here's to a happy and healthy day!  Woo Hoo!

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