Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Small Victories...

I just got hungry...normal because I had oatmeal for breakfast and I always get hungry about 1030 after having oatmeal for breakfast.  So I got some peanut butter and celery and had one.  Then a second and a third.  The big deal--after each one, I analyzed if I was still hungry before I had the next.  And I only needed three today.  Tomorrow may be different but this morning, three pieces of celery with peanut butter was exactly what I needed.  Wow--I am learning from OFF--this is what she's preaching about.  Eat when you're hungry.  Satisfy your cells so no one in there feels like they need to hoard food for the starvation period that's coming.  But only eat what you need because anything over what you need is extra and will be stored because it isn't needed.  Am I processing this right Steph? :)

OK...done with my ramblings. :)  Back to work!

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