Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday! And Abby news...cause she's my little rockstar!

Wednesday night--did not try the wii fit...went for a walk instead.  I'm reuniting myself with my ipod and loving the totally crazy selection I deemed worthy to grace my ears.  Some I do not still agree with...others make me smile like a crazy person listening to the voices in my head.  Whatever...walked Wednesday night. :)

Once again, singing the praises of Stroller Strides.  After we went out to Maria's for Abby and Joesph's birthday party with the mom's group.  Oh my, what would I do without them?!  Glad I don't have to find out.  It was super fun, the babies had a GREAT time in the pool, and we all got to enjoy the afternoon.  Abby was down for the count by 7pm and I got to go out for some yogurt with Kim and Carrie once Jason got home.  All in all, I'd order another one of those days again! :) a little sweating out at the storage unit, cleaning up/out again but nothing to really brag about because I still needed to stay presentable for work.  Also...umm...remember the whole singing the praises of Stroller Strides?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's stepping up the intensity.  But it's a good pain.  And I'm feeling stronger all the time.  And that's a good feeling.

Eating = SUCKS.  But I'm trying to pay attention to my hunger tells, so there's something...

Abby news:
First, Monday Nana told us she's retiring at the end of the year.  Sad face.  Mostly because we LOVE her so much and are so very thankful for all that she's done for us and especially Abby.  Abby is who she is in a large part because of the care and love Nana gives her.  I'm so glad that Nana is at a place in her life that she can make this decision--they have had some terminal diagnosis in her family lately and she and her Mr are just thinking why waste this healthy, valuable time together when they could be having fun.  Good for her.  We'll always love her and be so thankful for all she's brought to our lives.

On the good side of this, it looks like we got Abby into a program where she can go at 18 months (which she'll be Jan 13th) and only for MTW so we can still have our days off with her.  Yah!  And the added cost is very minimal, so that rocks too.  It looks like this just might work out. :)

Second, THREE NEW WORDS YESTERDAY!  Abby's been saying "da-da" "mom" and "titty," which I deam to be "pretty" because that just makes more sense (and makes "mom" feel better...I'm mean, what has she been watching, right?!).  Yesterday she said "cake" "keys" and "book."  Along with clapping for the first time on Wednesday, all I can say is WOW!  Our littles is growing up! :)

Happy weekend!

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