Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's are fun!

I have not much to write about, I guess, because my pull to write wasn't strong yesterday.  Maybe its because I feel a little stalled with eating and exercising, probably because of this crazy heat.  Maybe it's because I've run out of things to say?  Doubt it! :)

This weekend was delightful!  Friday night we hung out and chilled.  I made brownies--my contribution to the family BBQ Saturday--and they turned out awesome.  Saturday we went down to Richmond Point to see family and Aunt Gerry/Uncle Mike's new place.  It was an awesome day--lovely family, the weather was windy but the sun was strong (I have the sunburn to document the strength of the sun) and Abby got to swim so you know she considered it a win!  Sunday we had a birthday party for Aidan and then went over to Uncle Mark/Aunt Jamie's with Mom to take over her birthday gifts.  Ended the weekend with a dinner visit with Jenny and we were ready to head right back into the week.

Here's a couple of my favorite pictures from Saturday:

And that's where we are here.  Yesterday was good too.  Nothing too exciting.  I should have gone for a walk last night but could not get motivated to get going.  So I read and went to bed early.  The sunburn has prevented good sleep the past couple of nights (yeah, it's that bad--ugg! how old am I?) so I probably really needed the sleep.  And I did sleep better, so success.

Success: Yesterday I paid attention to my eating.  I was hungry and lunch was ordered but I knew it'd be at least a half an hour so I had a celery stick with PB.  It was perfect--I was able to eat without urgency.
Challenge: I still need to exercise even when I don't really feel like it.  I'm always glad that I did and always feel better after and I've found a route that is easy, uses little thought and I can just glide through so I need to just push though and DO IT next time.

Yesterday's iVillage challenge was to mix things up and get in the water.  Thanks to Abby, I've been in a bathing suit more this summer than I have in the past five years.  Check!

Today's iVillage challenge is to mix it up re the walk.  Like take a new route, walk at the mall or in the pool.  And wasn't I just saying that I have a walk that requires no thought?  Maybe that's the problem...  I'll have to think of something new to try tonight...

Happy Tuesday!  Let's do this! :)

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