Monday, July 11, 2011

Wild Weekend...NOT. Fullfilled Weekend...YES!

So...Friday ended on a note.  Jason was busted from a short-made-long week.
**insert note: I had this discussion a couple times with a couple different people.  Why is it that short weeks, where we get a day off and the work week only has to be four days, ALWAYS feels like two weeks squeezed into one?  And it's a short one at that?!  note over**
I was ready for the weekend.  Heather and Bella rode over to say "Hi" and Bella thought I should wake Abby up so she could say "Hi" to her too.  Cause Heather's two years from having a one-year-old, I forgive her but my response to her cute daughter was still "Are you crazy?"  Oh well...I can just hope that Bella forgives me.  We watched some stand up--Big Fan: Kathleen Madigan--and I went to bed.

Saturday I went to the Davis Farmers Market with Ashlee/Maddie and Carrie.  Got some goodies for Capay Tomato and had fun with the girls cruising the market.  (is there a country song in that sentence somewhere?)  I'm so glad Abby is still rocking the backpack--it's AWESOME!  I've taken to calling it the Abby-pack.  She took a nice-enough (read OK-long-enough) nap and we were off to Capay Tomato!  Between the market and the tomato festival (OK, there's GOT to be a country song in that!), I think I might have walked enough, and sweat enough because it was 95 degrees and I was outside (!), to burn off almost what I ended up eating! :)  All in all, Capay Tomato was a raging success--great family time, AWESOME bluegrass music, good food and the breeze that picked up in the afternoon was heavenly.  Abby hasn't quit dancing since...commercials, the radio, some sound in her head... :)

Yesterday was a restore-sanity day...and I think it almost worked.  Abby was having a hard time communicating what she wanted and was getting frustrated.  So what was a mom to do but stick her in the Abby-pack, grab my coffee and head out for a 45-minute walk.  It was awesome--the perfect time of day--and Abby chatted my ear off.  Her baby-nonsense-jibber-jabber is my favorite sound right now.  I could listen to her "talk" to me forever.  I'm almost in the mood to tape it and play for when she's older and I just want her to shut up. :)

So it's Monday again.  And I'm glad.  I love routine...I'm most comfortable when the expected it happening.  And it's a big week.  My baby girl turns one on Wednesday!  YIKES and OMG!

Eating...I can't believe that after years and years of eating oatmeal for breakfast that I still am surprised when it doesn't last much past 10am and I start getting HUNGRY...not just hungry but HUNGRY.  Snack is required on oatmeal days.  Katie--you are almost 35 years old and you should be at a place to start remembering things!

Exercise--it's too hot.  I'm just saying.  But Abby's stroller has a flat tire and I'm thinking that tonight I'll have Jason put that tire sludge in the tire and take it for a spin (because you have to use the tire right after putting it in so it coats the inside really well, or something like that).  Hey...maybe if he does it when he gets home, I'll take her (instead of being the weirdo who pushes an empty stroller) and see if she'll fall asleep in it.  Or she'll fit for so long that I'll end up being the mom who is pushing an empty stroller and carrying her baby who is happy as a lark as long as she's riding mom instead of the stroller.  Uggg! :)  We'll see what the evening holds...wish me luck.

Happy Monday!

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