Friday, July 29, 2011

Umm...what happened to the week?!

But hey!  That means it's Friday!  Yah!

Wednesday was...well, Wednesday.  The problem with waiting a couple days to blog means that I forget what the heck has been going on.  Yesterday was Stroller Strides and a picnic with the Moms in Davis.  Tonight is our "Last Friday of the Month Dinner Date" with the Miguel's--I hear we're doing Burgers and Brew so YUM!

Food and exercise has been bad this week.  I bought a tub (literally) of ice cream because it was a GREAT sale.  Sales and healthy eating do not always go together.  I wanted some ice cream and would have been content with a half gallon of churned something.  Instead I come home with TUB of ice cream.  Because it was the same price!  Ugg!  Anyway, now I pretty much can't be home without thinking lovingly about a bowl of ice cream.  As soon as it's gone, I'm done.  Ice cream just can't be in my house!  I have been wanting to walk with my lovely Heather and for one reason or another, we are not meeting up.  One night it's me, the next it's her.  So I haven't walked either.  I did do Stroller Strides Thursday and am walking a bit funny because of it but other than that, nothing to brag about.  Can I blame the heat?  Cause it's been HOT!

This weekend will be hot.  Abby and I are baby-showering-it on Saturday and I am going to make a good effort to work in the garage on Sunday--I need to get my car back in there so I can quit "watering" it every time I water the grass, depositing hard water stains for eternity.  I feel my window of opportunity to avoid the water stains is creeping up.  Plus, just clean out the darn garage, Katie! :)

Happy weekend!  14 days until Deklan, Aaron and Derek are here!  Woo Hoo!

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