Friday, July 15, 2011

Whew! We Made It!

Yesterday was a whirl wind!  And I loved it!  Abby and I got up and went to Stroller Strides for the second time.  AWESOME.  And today I'm feeling the awesome-ness of the reverse planks we were doing--my butt is screaming!  But in that good way...yes, there is one! :)  After that we went to Davis and had lunch with Mariah and Sydney at Dos Coyotes.  We walked...I'd say it's about a half a mile or was nice to catch up with them.  After that we went to Abby's one year doctors appointment.  She's a rock star--25% on everything, which is good for her, and the doctor proclaimed her "perfect."  I asked that be included in her records. :)  Then we were off to book club, where Abby proceeded to introduce herself to everyone in the Panera Bread.  At least she's one seemed upset by her.  Total nap time = 40 minutes.  She practically begged me to put her to bed by the time we got home.  Such a sweetie--my heart swells just thinking about her! :)

On the iVillage front, all is well.  Yesterday's challenge was to head for the hills--literally.  Since my day was jam packed full, that wasn't happening (besides the fact I didn't even have a chance to check email and didn't even know that was the challenge).  But I do like the variety hiking adds.  Maybe I need to start looking for hiking opportunities.  Not quite like my new friend Cori who just hiked Half Dome in Yosemite--I'm not ready for rock star status yet! :)  Today's note was written by Michelle Kwan and she talks about how she likes to incline skate.  Nice for her.  (Bad Katie) I guess just keep up the activity.  OK.

Eating was OK.  Choices made were good but there was a lot of food and it was all good.  Today has been TERRIBLE but it's that week so I'm just hanging in there.  My friend Steph recommended a long time ago "Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell" and after chatting with her last night some more, I found it last night and started reading it again.

Other than is grand.  It's Friday, the weather is ROCKIN' and we have a fun weekend ahead of us.  I'm a lucky girl!

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