Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1--Oh My!

Half the year is over! OMG!
Last night Ms Abby and I took off for a 30 minute walk that only ended up being 20 minutes. I am having a hard time making her look directly into the sun for very long and my options for shaded paths are few. I think the route I took Wednesday night is better for her. Once again, she rode like a champ and I'm feeling good for the extra exercise.
It's the first of the month so for me, it's also weigh in day. Up from last month but that wasn't unexpected. My clothes have been fitting a little tighter and I've been bad about watching what I eat (and drink--those coffees have been a lifeline this month!). Also, let's be honest--a bad side effect of starting an exercise routine is that you do gain a little weight right at first. I'm not bummed. I'm actually feeling stronger and ready to settle in and do this.
And if I'm honest with myself--it's for a lot of reasons that has nothing to do with wanting to be healthy. I'm a perfectionist so...I love that it's the first day of the month (from this day forward...) and that my weight was a round number (no pesky partial pounds to worry about). I've been here before. What will make this time different, I don't know. Maybe a place to write about it? Who knows...

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