Saturday, July 2, 2011

Big Fan: Long Weekends!

My sweetie seems to relax the minute he walks in the door, the prospect of extra time with Ms Abby is exciting and--amazingly enough--I have planned nothing for the whole weekend!  Including the extra day! :)

Last night Mom made dinner--yah!--and we had it over at her house so when we got home, there were no dishes to be washed and barely anything to tidy up.  Oh--and as always, after a day with Gma Cathie, Ms Abby was POOPED!  She didn't even fight the bed--felt like she was barely tolerating her bath just so she could go to bed--and fell asleep before I even left the room.

This would have been the perfect time to go for a walk.  The sun was almost down, the house was quiet, J had sat down for his nightly review of the world and what was happening...but I have to admit, I did not walk.  I sat down in the big chair and read my book (Firefly Lane, 5 Ladies and a Baby book club) for...wait for it...three hours!  So fail on the walking but here's the success: I did not snack.  The entire time.  I was tempted but when I really thought about what I wanted, or if I was really hungry, it was never enough to get up.  Yah Katie :)

Darn Summer Ginger and that darn book though.  When I finally went to bed, I couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking about the book so I stayed up and read more until my eyes were crossing.  And then I got up this morning--after J got up with Ms Abby and let me sleep in--and finished it! :) last surprise.  After playing with Ms Abby for a while, and drinking a cup of coffee, I decided to get my walk on.  And when I went to tell J, he wanted to go too.  Yah!  So we went on a family walk, J tried out the backpack (and LOVED it) and all got a little sweaty.  Ms Abby was almost falling asleep so she was ready for her nap--no fight--when we go home.  Nice conversation, almost too hot but not quite, and we all got a little sweaty--in a good way! :)

Now it's a day of WHATEVER THE HECK I/WE WANT!  Sounds like we're going to the library (I have a book ready to be picked up) and to the Guad for some food and fun.  Yah!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

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