Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week One Down

So...yesterday I did my third installment of the C25K program.  It took me a full week because I allowed a day of rest after Stroller Strides (lunges=dead butt muscles).  I think I'm going to do another round of week one.  There is a spot in the podcast I listen to where he says "you should be feeling the effects of your running but should not be out of breath."  I am totally out of breath at this point.  What does that mean?  I am thinking that I just need to do another week and reevaluate.  I will be the first to admit that I am starting at a less-than-fit place.  Maybe it'll take me another week to be at that "not breathless" place?  And if not, well, I'll figure it out then.  And you'll probably be part of that. :)  Don't worry...the suspense is killing you, I know! :)

I'm also finding that I don't LOVE running like I thought I would.  I am definitely feeling stronger in my running and the 60-seconds don't feel so terrible.  These last two walk/runs have been/felt much different from the first one.  So that's a plus--I'm getting stronger already.  But running...I don't feel graceful or fluid or even fast.  I feel floppy and uncoordinated and discombobulated.  But I appreciate that the intervals of running and walking is what burns the calories, and that was the reason I decided to try jump start...well...something.

So.  For this second week of C25K, I'm going to speed walk during the running parts.  I walk pretty fast but I know I can kick it up and I think that would give me the increase in heart rate that running does without all the...well...floppage!  I'll let you's my day of rest! :)

So...the plan for the C25K is to do week one again, speed walking instead of running during the intervals.  Hey--every neighborhood needs some crazy lady fake running around to make fun of, right?

Hasta!  Lodi-bound today.

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  1. I am SO PROUD OF YOU! I just started the C25K program recently myself; I just finished week 6 on Friday by running for 25 minutes straight! I had heard (from where I can't remember) that if you are having a lot of trouble with a week, just repeat it, and that will help you amp up gradually. I have also found it really motivational to be working towards an actual 5K. I'm signed up to run the Turkey Trot in Davis on November 19. You won't be done with the program by then, but maybe you want to come run part of it with me? xoxo