Monday, October 24, 2011

Planning to Plan...or Plan to Succeed...or something like that

If I have a plan, I can accumulate the necessary elements to follow through with the plan, and the plan has a higher chance of being carried out.  Right.  It sounds all fine and dandy, and all the magazines tout it's success rates and you know how I love success. :)  So...I'm going to post some "plans" for the week in the hopes that I will follow through because I made it public (well, posted to you, my dear friends, who in all actuality, will give me more crap for not following through than strangers!). :)

Monday--stuffed zucchini
Tuesday--something small, make soup for Wed night (girl's night--just Abby and I so I eat light)
Wednesday--Chard/sausage/potato soup
Thursday--pasta with homemade sauce (lots of veggies) and garlic bread
Friday--pizza with some kind of toppings...
(wow--it looks like I'll do anything to one-pot cook, doesn't it?  Everything has the veggies in there already so I don't have to make/dirty/whatever another dish)

On another food tangent, I'm trying something for breakfast and lunch.  I'm cooking up an egg, melting a little cheese on top and putting it on top of a slice of toasted bread.  For an am snack, if I get hungry for one, I have apples and peanut butter.  For lunch I'm having burritos (I make, refried beans/rotel/cheese) and salsa OR a piece of protein (today it's a hamburger patty) AND fruit and/or veggies.  I read somewhere that if you have the same thing everyday, it takes some stress away because that's not one more decision you have to make.  And I don't have too much trouble with needing variety.  I figure it's worth a shot. :)

Tuesday--video on NetFlix
Wednesday--C25K at 530am (this is going to be hard but if I only make myself do it one morning a week...wish me luck!)
Thursday--Stroller Strides
Friday-Sunday--do C25K or something VERY active (not gardening Katie!) for 1/2 hour.

OK...what's your week look like?
Happy Monday!

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