Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Deklan! And C25K Week One AGAIN!

First, let me share this:

That right there is the cutest boy in my world!  He makes my heart sing.  And he's such a big kid--growing up without me.  I need a transporter NOW! :)

Last night I did my walk--IN THE RAIN (which actually was AWESOME)--and instead of running, I just kicked it up a couple notches and got into a crazy-lady-speed-walking mode.  It was kind of cool.  I definitely felt the workout and it was very similar to when I run except for the wobbly-ness.  I felt more in control and like my core was strong and powerful.  There were a couple times I could feel my body want to start to run and while I didn't stop myself from that, I also didn't ever kick into a run.  So maybe I just needed a couple weeks to get myself into better shape before I start trying to run...?  We'll see...I'm up for an experiment of sorts. :)

Lastly, eating is my next challenge.  I have a terrible entitlement issue--I worked so hard last night that I "deserved" a treat this morning.  That's just bad.  And I've pretty much decided that ice cream in my house has a very short shelf life so it should stay away.  I'm working on an idea of making a somewhat limited list of what should be in my house for healthy eating and slowing adding to it things that are good for us.  We'll see.  I read an article this weekend that said that if you eat the same thing for breakfast every day (of course, choosing healthy components), that it will reduce your stress.  I guess most of us stress about what/when/how we're going to eat breakfast so if you just have the same thing every day, it takes that stress away.  I can see that...makes sense to me.  And I am totally one of those people who can eat the same thing everyday.  I'm going to try it.  And I'm going to give myself the weekends off but weekdays, I'll have my standard.  Now to decide what...cover the food groups...  When I was pregnant, I had a piece of toast, a fried egg with a slice of cheese on it and an apple every morning.  And it lasted me to lunch.  Maybe that's the ticket...

Happy Tuesday!

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