Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wow...A Week!

The good part is that I thought it'd been WAY LONGER than that since I posted something.  The bad part is it has been a whole week.  And I wanted to do better than that.

I'm thinking of starting something...Wednesday Week In Review (WWIR?  Wednesday WIR?)  Obviously still working on the idea in my head...

Last Thursday Abby and I tried a new route to Stroller Strides that did indeed help us to escape some traffic so if that continues to be the situation, we'll continue to go.  I love the workouts, know I would not do as good of a job left to my own devices, and it's fun.  Then we raced home and hosted some kiddos and their parents for an afternoon of crafts, which really ended up with the kids playing and us talking.  It was nice.  Friday night Jason, Abby, Mom and I went out to Esparto for Homecoming--all I can say is that the halftime routine KICKED MAJOR BUTT!  Great great job!  Saturday Jason kept Abby so I could have an adult breakfast with the bugs and then Carrie, Abby and I hit Vacaville and did some damage.  That night Jason and I had a date night in--watched Bridesmaids and ate pizza and ice cream.  It was awesome.  Sunday I helped Mom clean out her garage--her birthday gift was my assistance and she cashed in.  Her garage looks AWESOME.  She's very happy.  Monday and Tuesday were...well, Monday and Tuesday.  Nothing exciting to report.

C25K has made no progress.  I've felt slightly achy--I don't know why--so I've easily (and I mean EASILY) talked myself out of doing my next workout, which consequently is also the last time in week one.  Am I scared to move onto week two?  If I wait too much longer, I'll have to start over.  This weekend is looking good for getting back on track.  Maybe I'm achy BECAUSE I haven't done anything...

Eating has been HORRIBLE.  Recognizing the problem is the first step.  YIKES.  But I need to figure out something because we are upon the holidays and if having a bowl of candy out at work and at home is going to be my downfall, I'm in big trouble.  I'm trying something today so we'll see.  I was very tempted to go get something yummy and bad for me but in the end, I resisted and ate what I brought and felt satisfied.  I wonder if food-journaling would help right now...?  Maybe that could be a tact I try...

Overall, I'm so lucky.  If the worst things I'm working on in my life are getting enough exercise and over eating, well, I'm a lucky girl.  I'm thankful.

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