Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Wednesday! Yah! :)

First, let me share this shot:
Thanks Jackie!

This was Abby helping to prep for her first retirement party for our dear friend Berta.  I guess she was hugging these bears and kissing them and once everyone started running for their phones to take a picture, she was easily distracted by what everyone was doing. :)  That's my girl!  (And I'd like to observe--she was obviously helping with the "dirty work" going on--look at those feet!)

Last night was girls night at our house.  Jason has singing so Abby and I tear it up...we walked through all the yards on our way to get the mail, which we never did get because we got distracted at Aunt Kimmy's house.  We rocked bath time, put on our new Minnie Mouse pjs, kicked some Good Night Moon and Ladybug Girl butt and went to sleep without a sound.  She was a tired cookie.  So was I--I fell asleep reading a book before Jason even got home.

All this leads me to a discovery I've been thinking through.  I seem to be falling into a routine and if you know me, you know this is making me a happy girl.  Monday nights I walk after dinner, Tuesday nights I girl time it with Abby (pedicures in our future?), Wednesday nights I get to hang with Jason and get things ready for whatever plans I've made for our Thursdays.

The only bad part is I'm realizing that I'm only leaving myself minimal times for working out.  If I want to stay true to the day of rest between each workout, and I walk on Mondays and have SS on Thursdays, then I should get another walk in on Saturday.  That's not really a problem but I think I need to figure out how to get planned exercise (because lets face it--chasing a toddler IS exercise) on my schedule.

OK...and I made another goal to go dessert-free.  This time my goal was until October 31--so 20 days.  That lasted about 15 hours.  UGGG!

I write this and realize...if these are the issues that are plaguing my brain, life is pretty darn good.  I'm a blessed girl!

Happy Wednesday!

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