Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday--o sweet Tuesday!

So...I'm reading this while the Today show is reporting on the chick who ran and finished the Chicago marathon hours before giving birth to a baby.  OMG!  Really?  I would love to be a runner, would love to experience that precious runner's high, but I could barely walk when I was that pregnant.  I'm really speechless.  Eat a freakin' box of cereal and act like a normal pregnant lady, will ya?

Last night I went on my fifth trip through week one.  I speed walked most of the circuts but did finish with a jog.  I chatted a little with my friend who went to the running clinic and she shared that one of the things she learned was to run on the balls of your feet rather than heal-to-toe (like walking) because that sends the shock up the muscles instead of the bones.  I tried to pay attention to that.

I also was finally successful in locating the stretching poster that I always used at the gym.  For some reason, my mind can not/will not memorize these stretches so I printed it out and put it in the drawer where I keep my ipod.  Last night I stretched really good after my walk and have felt so much more limber and less tight since.  Yah! :)

Thanks Pinterest!

On other notes, while Abby had one of her most tantrum-y weekend ever, Jason and I also introduced her to the park, which she cannot get enough of now.  Yah! :)  It's so cute.  And the plastic slides make her hair stick up with static, which is so cute.

Happy week!

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