Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five

As I develop this blog, I know that I will copy things I've seen and liked on other people's blogs.  And I do like the idea of a "this-happens-on-this-day" situation because...well, you allows me to obsess and have a "rule." :)

Mary ( does a Friday Five.  It's usually multiple lists of five things each.  I'm going to start with one list of five and build from there.

5 Things That Made Me Smile Yesterday
1.  My sweet kiddos face--she played, she ran, she laughed and she got shots yesterday--and her face still makes me smile every time I see it (this is going to be a problem when she's really in trouble and I'm trying to be serious, I'm afraid).

2.  New babies--twins in fact--who are healthy and happy...and don't keep me up all night long. :)

3.  Dear friends--one who took Abby and I to the new yogurt shop, which culminated in the tasting of an AMAZING cucumber tart yogurt that is still on my mind, and one who called out of nowhere to remind me that I'm important to her.  I hope she knows how important she is to me too!  Struggles seem easier when you know you're not alone and she did exactly that last night.  I feel lucky to have such great friends who fill my life.

4.  Birthdays--we celebrated one today.  And they're always fun.

5.  A dear hubby who came home with a smile on his face, good bowling scores, and a kiss for his wife.  Life is good.

Weekend plans--I think it's pumpkin patch time!  I bought a groupon a while ago for a pumpkin patch out in Wilton so I think the Wilmot's will venture out sometime this weekend.  Yah for the fall!

Happy Friday!

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