Monday, October 3, 2011

Ms Abby

Because I'm terrible at taking pictures, downloading pictures off my camera, printing pictures...OK, EVERYTHING to do with times, if you follow my blog, there may be a crazy surge of Abby-ness that may take over.  Forgive me and we'll be fine. :)

Here's Abby back in August (I think) at Zachary's birthday party.  Please don't mind the boogie crusties.  Oh, and those eyelashes we totally credit my dear dad with.  Pair them with those eyes from her daddy and we're in trouble.  Big trouble.

Then these pictures are from yesterday, visiting at Gma and Gpa's in Lodi.  In this series, Abby goes from coy to mischievous in four quick pics.  Too fast for her mother's liking.

Here she is, looking all innocent and cute.  Man, I'm a sucker.

So...Abby LOVES her Camelbak.  The only thing she loves more is mine.  So this happiness exhibiting isn't because she is drinking from her favorite "cup"... probably saw it coming.  She is squirting mouthfuls of water.  And I have to admit, it was funny!  And it didn't help that there were seven adults sitting around her, laughing at her antics.  (oh...and her dad called to let me know that she did the same thing with her milk at breakfast.  Oooppps!)

But really--what can be wrong with anything that makes your baby girl laugh like this?  I'll tell you--NOTHING! :)  (Is it bad that when I was looking at this picture, I realized that she finally broke through that last bottom front tooth?)

So that's the Abby update.  Glad to pass along the joy of a munchkin who's really got life by the...umm...goldfish. :)  Happy Monday!

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