Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday's Three (Nov 4th) we are again.  Wasn't it just Monday a couple days ago?  Well...about six, right?  This past week went by so fast.  But we did have so much going on, didn't we?

  1. Umm...HALLOWEEN!  Abby was Supergirl!  And I loved her costume.  She wanted to be what Dex was and since he was Batman, she was, of course, Supergirl.  As we've done since Abby's been around, we headed over to Mom's to hand out candy.  I was hoping that we'd get one more year in where Abby thought the holiday was about handing candy out to other kids...but nope, she heard at school that she could go too.  But she had a good time hitting mom's block and was very polite.  It was a great night--we all had fun.Photo: Look at those muscles! Abby and Memaw LOVE Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone!
  2. Friday night I got to see our dear friend Fuller (for those who know my family, that's Tammy's husband) for the last time.  He's been having more and more trouble for a couple months now and it finally got to hospice time.  I'm glad that I got to see him and tell him how much I love him.  And I'm glad that he was comfortable and surrounded by loved ones when he passed.  I told mom all the wind yesterday was God blowing him over Arkansas on his way to Heaven.  He'll be missed.
  3. Abby and I had the great pleasure of going into the city and seeing Laurie Berkner Saturday.  So fun.  If you don't love children's music--and that is totally understandable--try her, she's the best I've heard that doesn't make me want to rip off my ears.  Her "Moon Moon Moon" is what we used to sing to put Abby down when she was a baby.  We had a nice time.  And as a special bonus, thanks to the world putting good people together in the most random of places, we ran into the half of the Hogerty girls on the street!  So fun!
    I know this is coming out Tuesday--I was too pooped last night to finish it up.  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hey there, Katie! Your little Supergirl is Superprecious!! :)

    Are you in Arkansas? If so, we're neighbors! I'm in Oklahoma.