Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Three (Nov 18th)

  1. So...have you looked at tickets to Disneyland lately?  I'm just sayin'.  We're going next week and we're so excited to take Abby and Dex.  Oh...and drop $400 just to walk in the door.  Holey Moley.
  2. Abby keeps telling me that her ears hurt.  She's going to make me nuts.  Either have an earache or not.  But don't make your mom crazy, girl!
  3. I'm on the Zicam diet.  Suck on a lozenge, wait three hours, repeat.  Because I do not want the cold that's trying to come.
And tonight is short because of number three.  But not because I don't love you all.
Cheers, K

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