Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday's Three (on Tuesday Nov 12th)

  1.'s Tuesday.  I mention that because I've been reminding myself all day long.  Having Veteran's Day off (thanks bosses!!) was fun but definitely threw me off.  Abby and I hit the zoo, had an up close and personal with the jaguar, and came home to Abby taking quite the nap.  And to finish up the day, I got to go to book club with four lovely ladies.  I've said it before but I am continuously delighted with the time I spend with them.  It, and them, make me happy.
  2. Two weeks from today, I will be eating dinner with my sister.  That makes me so happy.  Words can not describe my joy.  When I'm with her, I feel full.
  3. This weekend is our first "holiday party" and I'm looking forward to it.  I'm making Jason's new favorite, renamed "Bowl Full of Fall."  These are new friends and we are so enjoying getting to know them a little more each time we see them.  We are excited to be included.  And this is little, but it's nice that Abby is included.  I don't know if we'll take her but I like that she's included.
OK...that's what I've got.  And if I'm going to stay on schedule, I've got some waka waka to find now! :)
Happy 11-12-13!

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