Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Waka Waka Wednesday

My favorite thing about Pinterest is the Humor category.  I love it.  I can sit for too long, a typical complaint of Pinterest, smirking and giggling to myself.  When Aaron was pregnant and bedresting while growing the twins, I got in the habit of sending her little email everyday, usually with a collection of pictures from Pinterest.  So, Waka Waka Wednesday is dedicated to Aaron and the twin boys she grew with the help of a daily giggle instigated by their Aunt Sissy.  Happy Waka Waka Wednesday!

Oh my gosh we saw something almost exactly like this in Hawaii!!!!!

I NEED this.

Can't stop laughing


And sometimes I just find something that is good:

What a great piece of advice.


  1. I love this last one! We should teach this to our daughters.

    1. Exactly! You know...I loved it because it's a good reminder to myself too. Printed that one out. :) Happy day Colleenie!