Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last some 9/17/2013

Abby and Mom nights (Tuesdays, Jason has choir) are part special part crazy.  She's fried from two days of school, I see an opportunity to get some things done while she zones out and we have mac and cheese.  All in all its usually a good night.  Tonight has been par for the course.  Except I'm currently distracting her with a little extra ipad lovin' so I can get the sheets on her bed changed (little accident last night but enough to gross me out).  So it'll be a little bit of later bed time for the little one tonight.  OK though because tomorrow is Memaw day.  And I'd pay her to sleep in a little longer--lately she's been waking up, barking like a dog, of course, at exactly three minutes before my alarm goes off.  That is the worst!

This will be boring for me but I need to see what I've done tonight:
Weekly goal--done.
Capri hem fixed--done.
Load of wash in dryer folded and put away--done.
Abby's sheets washed, dried and changed and dirty sheets in the washing machine started--done.

Happy Tuesday!


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