Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's Three (Sept 30th)

Hey...happy last day of September!  Happy last day of the quarter too.  And let's just go there and say happy Monday too.  And I'm pretty sure this is a record...three Mondays in a row that I've blogged!  Woo Hoo!

  1. Almost two years ago I made a goal to keep weekends a little more mellow, to keep some time away for family and/or home time.  Time that isn't scheduled and doesn't even require a shower.  And for almost two years, I'd say I've been running an 80/20 success rate, which is good.  Know why?  Because it works.  Because I feel a little relaxed when it's Sunday night and time to go back to work.  And I even get some things done on my forever to-do list every once in a while.  This weekend was a fail.  I had a great time, celebrated some very cute kiddos, and saw some great friends.  But I also had no down time and I realized that I really like that, that I really miss it when it's not there.  Bonus--this weekend...NO PLANS.  And I'm excited.  And I'm leaving it that way.  Cause we deserve it.
  2. I still love Apple Hill.  We went again Sunday.  I understand it may qualify as a problem but its a problem I'm OK with.  Because in the week between my two trips this fall--yes, I went a week ago Saturday and then again eight days later, yesterday--the leaves started to change!  There was a hint of red here and there a week ago but yesterday there were so many more.  And it was beautiful and magical and I'm so glad that I'm in a position to see it with my dearest people (yep--that's what I'm calling Jason and Abby right now) and some dearest friends.  Hello Fall!  Welcome!  I'm ready!
  3. Three-year-olds apparently have hearing issues.  And yes, I've had her hearing tested.  And no, I may not survive.  Just saying.  And I think it's important to put it in writing somewhere so when we make the headlines because I check myself into the mental facility because she opened the refrigerator ONE MORE TIME to put freakin' dolls in there, friends and family will know it was coming and have the back story.
Again, happy Monday.  It's gonna be a good week, if today is predictive of the week.  I got so much done today!  And blogged!  And got a package ready to mail to my sweet sis!  Rockin' it friends, rockin' it!
L, K

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