Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's Three (Sept 23rd)

In an attempt to be more intentional and consistent in my blogging, I'm trying themes.  What do you think?  All three of you who read this. :)  BTW, I love you guys!  I write this like I'm writing you directly... :)

1.  It's Apple Hill time!  I AM SO EXCITED (yes, yelling).  Abby, Mom and I went Saturday.  We had a great time!  There was a 60% chance of rain and it heavy-sprinkled for the first twenty minutes and then went straight to beautiful.  And we hit the rain on the way home, on its way up to Apple Hill.  Timing equaled perfection.

2.  I printed off a recipe plan last week--five days worth of crockpot meals.  There is a blog that I've stalked randomly over the years where this woman vowed to crockpot everyday for a whole year.  I'm pretty sure she did it and got the book deal and all that jazz.  Well--she published this idea and I thought what the heck, let's try it.  Here's the schedule: last night, Puffy Pizza (OK, but regular pizza is easier and better and since we have no dietary restrictions, going that way...), tonight was General Tso's Chicken with rice (very yummy), tomorrow night is Mom and Abby night so we'll do something easy, Wednesday night is Minestrone Soup, Thursday is Cranberry Roast and Friday or Sunday is Spinach Lasagna.  I thought the groceries were going to be crazy but they weren't.  This experiment could prove to be a good thing...wouldn't that be cool?!

3.  Guess what premiers tonight...CASTLE!  Yah!  So excited!  I'm a fan in a big way.  In other TV-related nonsense, Jason and I finished the first season of New Girl last night.  I'm loving that too.  I really like the show but I'm also loving the snuggle time with Jason. :)  We have one more episode of Sherlock and we're done with what's on Netflix, but at 1.5 hours, it just feels like such a time suck.  And then I realize that when we sit and watch three New Girls, it's about the same thing.  Oh well! :)  Good times.

Happy Monday friends!

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