Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday's Three (Oct 28th)

Happy New Week Friends!
Here's what I've got for you today, this first day of the week.  A week that consists of being co-worker-less at work, Halloween, mom's book club (oh thank heavens!!) and Laurie Berkner in SF!

  1. Saturday mom and I built the fire pit in our front yard.  If you haven't heard of my crazy plan, I thought it would be fun to put a fire pit in the front yard.  I love it.  Now I really want to just start a freakin' fire in my front yard already.  If you're ever in Woodland, be sure to look down our street and see if we're out and stop on by.  The more the merrier.
  2. I'm liking The Michael J Fox Show.  I tried not to but kept being pulled back to it and now I like it.  Ugg!  It's quirky and I just like it.  But I didn't want to, I promise.
  3. Abby is going to be Supergirl for Halloween.  Do you think we have one more where she believes us that Halloween is all about giving candy, not going to get candy?  I'll let you know.
I know that pictures would make this funner.  Like a picture of the firepit.  And a picture of Abby.  I'm working on it.

Happy Monday!

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