Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday's Three (Oct 14th)

This week will be one of healing!  I declaring it!  Mostly because I totally believe that positive thinking works.  And I need healing.  Abby starting getting sick last Monday...which progressed to a double ear infection (one ruptured last night...lovely) and we now have a full round of antibiotics to get us on the right track.  And because Abby is a friendly and loves her people, she shared this crap with me so now I'm sick.  And last night's all-nighter, while Curious George distracted Abby from the rupturing of her ear drum, did not help with my healing.  Here's hoping for a better night tonight.

  • Healing--it's not for wimps.  Eating well, sleeping enough, and taking care of yourself all takes effort, which isn't easy on a normal day, much less when you don't feel well.  I know what I'm saying isn't rocket science or something new.  It's just been made very clear to me in the past five days or so.
  • Crocktober is going great!  We are four for four!  So yummy.  And while I'm finding I'm using more sugars than I usually do, I am also noticing that I'm using almost all "real" food and I like that.  Tonight's Orange Apricot Pork Chops were AWESOME.  Let me know if you want me to email you the lineup.  I'm loving the crockpotting going on in this here house.  Happiness.  And healing.
  • Lettuce is planted and stones are collected for the fire pit.  Exciting.  Now I just hope that I have the energy, strength and time this weekend to play around with the positioning.  It's fall.  It's time for some fire and friends.  And for those of you local, it's going to be in our front yard so it'll be easy to swing by and join in the fun.  Look for the warm glow. :)
Happy Monday.  I'll say it one more time: HEALING.

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  1. Yes, please share your lineup of winning Crock Pot recipes! I love "real" food recipes for the slow cooker. Especially in the colder month. So comforting (and convenient).