Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's starting again...

Last night was again the beginning of...Chamber Singers!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Jason sings.  It's beautiful.  Something that I wasn't accustomed to and have easily gotten used to over the past eight-plus years.  What's not to like about someone crooning around the house?  But Chamber Singers brings together Jason's love of singing and his hatred of commitment.  I know, sounds weird, but there's something that just makes him squirm.  I feel bad for his internal turmoil.

But the start of Chamber Singers also brings about the start to Girls Night at our house! :)  Last time Abby was a new baby, not as exciting/entertaining/interactive as she is now.  Maybe we need to start some kind of tradition.  Tuesday nights--Dad's singing so the girls will play?  Suggestions?  Anyone else want to play? :)

Yesterday was Dex's number two birthday!  Yah Dex!  He's an amazing little boy--I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!  Happy birthday little friend!

I mentioned a while back that I was struggling with what to do when I'm not hungry for breakfast, even though I know it's so so so important and "the most important meal of the day" and "jump-starts your metabolism" and all that.  I checked in with my buddy Steph for her opinion on the subject.  (Have I mentioned she's a rock star?  She is!)  She said her philosophy is that yes, breakfast is important and that she tries to wait until she's hungry to eat in the mornings but that if she knows that she will get hungry in the near future but her chance to eat will only be for a limited time, she goes ahead and eats.  No reason to set herself up for a hunger-induced over-eat because she didn't get something in her tummy before work, etc.  Love it.  That's what I love about her--common sense advice.  Why is it that I can be pretty common sense about other things but this stuff just swamps me?

On another note, I have a friend out there who is trying the new Weight Watchers program...I'd love to hear how that's going.  She's a super busy mom of two sweet little girls and had mentioned she was trying this out.  How's it going?!

OK...cheers for now!

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  1. Great! Just hit the ten pounds lost milestone this week!! Love you! (And love that you have a blog now so I know what is going on with you!)